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By submitting a business listing into the San Tan Valley Business Directory, you acknowledge that you either own or are an authorized representative of the business.  All business listings require an active/valid email address.  If the email address is/becomes invalid, the listing will be removed.  Any user account affiliated with a business listing, that is no longer a part of the business, will be removed, allowing a different user account to claim the business.  Any business not currently affiliated with an active user account will have a CLAIM BUSINESS option allowing the business owner or authorized representative to claim the business.  Submitting a business listing does not guarantee the business will be published. All free listings require a subscription to either the daily or weekly email updates.  Any business/user account that unsubscribes will have their free listing removed from the directory.  SanTanValley.com is not responsible for validating any of the business listings, nor are they responsible for typos or inaccurate information.  SanTanValley.com has the right to remove any listing for any reason.


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