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Was Acton Lying About His Military Experience too?

Over the last 8 years, in addition to the fabricated law enforcement career, Acton spoke often about being a Vietnam Vet or a US Army Veteran in the Vietnam Era. He claimed to have participated in "advance infantry warfare", had "secret clearance MI. level 4" and was a decorated officer.  Sometimes he said that he was honorably discharged due to an injury, other times he said he was retired military.

Acton has been asked several times to produce either his DD214 (which is a standard document confirming military dates of service, assignments and if the individuals service was honorable), his military ID, or anything to support his claims that he was indeed a military veteran. Acton has refused to show SanTanValley.com any proof of his military experience. Recently however, Acton posted an American Legion membership certificate on his website and labeled it "Certificate of Military Service".

John Acton False Claims

To the right you'll see Acton stating he retired as an investigative detective, was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and is retired military.

After weeks of working with the Congressional office of the United States Department of Defense, we received information from the National Personnel Record's Center re: Acton's military experience.

What did we learn?

We learned that John R Acton

  • was in the enlisted reserve on inactive duty for 9 weeks from May 20, 1965 to July 29, 1965
  • went to basic training July 30, 1965 - Oct 2, 1965
  • was discharged 4 1/2 months after completing basic training, with the rank of Private, on Feb 18, 1966
  • did not serve any foreign service (Vietnam)
  • did not retire from the military

No advance infantry warfare, no secret clearance MI level 4 and no retirement. It appears that Acton wasn't completely honest about his military experience either.


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Acton Continues to Mislead

Most people had assumed that after the story broke, Acton would either apologize and walk away or simply walk away.  Surprisingly however, Acton has not only continued marching forward, but his stories have become even more creative.  Changes have been made to his marketing materials and his website over the last couple of weeks.  In some cases it seemed as if he was covering his tracks, in other instances it appeared that he was making even more bizarre claims.  

  • He changed his website to read that he was a police officer for 25 years, instead of 26 years.  
  • He changed another section of his website that used to say he had 26 years police experience and now it says “experienced police officer.”
  • His website initially listed that he was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police but that information has since been deleted from the site.
  • On a new mailer that was recently mailed out, Acton states that he "interacted with and received instruction from the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Sheriff's Department, DEA and FBI", where it used to list that he was a police officer of 26 years.  
  • Only a few days after the story broke, Acton attended a candidate forum on October 8th, hosted by AJ News, Pinal County Democrats and Apache Junction Education Association, in Apache Junction where he told the audience that he was an officer with the Chicago PD who was "trained to shoot, by the FBI, at Soldier field".  (Yes the stadium in Chicago, Illinois that is called Soldier field.) 
  • Acton removed the claims of "over 2000 cases of testimony" from his website and simply lists now that he has given testimony.  
  • He claims that "people" have a personal vendetta against him which is why "these stories" about him not being a Chicago police officer are flying around.  Let me be very clear, even if there were personal vendettas, which I firmly believe do not exist, the truth is the truth.  Acton stated he was a 26 year homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department but he was not. No one, with a vendetta or not, can make up the verifiable information that we have released.  Vendettas don't create truth, so don't fall for his victim card.
  • Acton has now added a letter to is website to "prove" that he was a police officer for 26 years.  The letter is from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) that states he worked as a Security Officer 1 from 1970-1981. That's 11 years as a security officer, level 1.  So where did the 26 years come from? When we asked the CTA for more specific information, Brigett R. Bevan, Freedom of Information Officer for the Chicago Transit Authority, let us know that John Acton started working with the CTA on Jan 26, 1970 as a Security Officer Level 1 and his last day of employment as a Security Officer, Level 1 was 11 years later on September 29, 1981.  Acton claimed that he then "went undercover with the CTA" for an additional 14 years. The CTA confirmed that there were no undercover positions with their agency.  The Security Department of the CTA was closed in 1981 so there was no possibility of Acton being rehired by CTA as a security officer after 1981.  Acton was however rehired by CTA, about two years later, on Feb 2, 1983 as a Carpenter's Apprentice and later promoted to Carpenter A on November 26, 1984. Employment records show no work history after 1988, however there is record of Acton retiring as a Carpenter A April 1, 1995.

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As of October 27, 2014, Acton is still claiming that he was a police officer for 26 years and that his experience gives him one up on his opponent.  He also claims that he is a decorated Vietnam Vet who was either honorably discharged or retired military, which may prove to be a case of Stolen Valor, a federal offense.  If the voters in San Tan Valley, Apache Junction and Gold Canyon elect John Acton as their next constable, the Sheriff has stated that he will request an outside law enforcement agency conduct a criminal investigation based on the information Mr. Acton has represented on his campaign materials and has personally told Sheriff Babeu.

The alleged crime is Fraudulent Schemes as defined by ARS 13-2310.A

13-2310Fraudulent schemes and artifices; classification; definition A. Any person who, pursuant to a scheme or artifice to defraud, knowingly obtains any benefit by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises or material omissions is guilty of a class 2 felony.

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Letter from Jeffrey Acton supporting his dad

SanTanValley.com received a copy of a letter that was allegedly written by Jeffrey Acton in support of his father, John Acton on October 23, 2014.  Jeffrey Acton ran in 2012 for the Pinal County Assessor office alongside his dad, John Acton who ran for Pinal County Supervisor.  The letter is titled, "Proud Son of a Retired Police Officer" and you can read it in its entirety below.

Proud Son of a Retired Police Officer

The earliest memories I have as a child, are coming home from school and seeing my father stepping out of a white police squad car with lights on top and the sirens blaring as I came running towards him. I could hear the dispatcher on his radio calling the different units. I don't think I could have been more proud of my dad then I was at that time. I saw his uniform, his shiny badge on his chest, and his gun on his left side. I grew up the son of a mass transit police officer in Chicago, Illinois. I was taught right from wrong, to be respectful, and always do your best. I would not be the man I am today if it was not for my father and mother. My father risked his life daily so that others could be safe.

To say that my father was not a police officer, is an insult to my father as well as all the other police officers in the department. A Pinal County officer said at a meeting I attended, that a quarter horse is not an Arabian but a police officer will always be a police officer. Oddly enough, not the quarter horse nor the Arabian but the Mustang is what helped settle the entire West.

Where is the proof? My life experience watching my father leave for work every day until he retired in 1995 is my proof. Hearing the exciting chase stories along with the dark stories of my father loosing good partners and friends are my memories.

What is the proof you need? My father has been a loyal Republican his entire life never once switching to another party or back. No one can say they worked harder than my father as a Republican in Pinal County since we moved here in June of 2000. He helped campaign for many who seemed to have "forgotten" all the work he gladly did. My father has already proven he is a loyal, dedicated hard worker just as he was with the Chicago Mass Transit Authority Police Department all those years. He received commendations and promotions. Security guard? I THINK NOT! WAKE UP AND LISTEN TO THE TRUTH! not the political hype by the notorious Sheriff of Pinal County or to the gutter politics practiced by the Recorder of Pinal County.

Jeffrey Acton

Would a security guard really have a "police squad car with lights on top and sirens blaring", that he would take home every day to greet his son and why would the sirens be blaring at his home?  

When CTA confirms that John Acton stopped working as a Security Officer Level 1 in 1981 and 2 years later became a Carpenter's Apprentice, would John Acton still be bringing home a police squad car with sirens blaring for an additional 12 years, until he retired as a Carpenter?

While it is easy to dispute almost every aspect of this letter, we were most interested in verifying the signature on the document to see if Jeffrey Acton really wrote the letter or at least signed the letter.  What we found was a bit unsettling.  


Did Jeffrey Acton write this letter?  Did Jeffrey sign it or is this another attempt, by John Acton to mislead the community?

John Acton has made it clear that he is not withdrawing from the race and is not only continuing to campaign for the Constable position in District 7 but is convinced that he will win the election.  

It is now up to the voters in San Tan Valley, Apache Junction and Gold Canyon to put an end to this decade long scheme.  Who will you vote for in this race?  John Acton, who has lied and misled the community for a decade making up a 26 year law enforcement career and embellishing his military experience or the Independent Candidate Victor "Elvis" Rodas?  

We will find out November 4th.



Let us know what you think below in the comments

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