SRP customers reporting large power outage across the area

Arizona's Family has received multiple calls from viewers reporting power outages across the Phoenix-metro area affecting SRP customers. 

SRP customers from parts of Glendale, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Chandler and Scottsdale have all called reporting outages. All of the issues reported by viewers appear to involve M-Power users. M-Power is SRP's prepaid electricity price plan.

Arizona's Family reached out to SRP, who confirmed they're aware of an issue and are working to resolve it. They also sent out the following tweet.
SRP provided an update on how M-Power customers can resolve the problem The utility company says to follow these instructions to restore power:

  • Write down 7183 5365 1334 1168 0000
  • Press and hold the "Display Cycle" and "Select Language" buttons for five seconds. The message "Enter Code" will appear. If power was off, it will turn on for ten minutes while you enter the code.
  • Begin entering the code by pressing the "Select Language" button until the 1st number you need appears. Next, press "Display Cycle" button to lock in the number and move to the next position. If you make a mistake entering a number, press both buttons for 2 seconds & release
  • The blinking line will move back to the last digit entered so you can correct the entry. Repeat step 2 until all digits in the code you were issued have been entered. The message "eCode Accepted" will appear if the number has been entered correctly and validated.

Despite the issue customers are having, SRP's Outage Map is not displaying any outages at the moment.