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Should the ACC listen to Epcor, the Developers or George Johnson?


Johnson Utilities ratepayers had pleaded for years with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to resolve the issues they were experiencing.  Issues ranging from sewer overfills, to low quality water, low pressure and more.  The Arizona Corporation Commission finally decided to appoint an interim manager in August of 2018. That interim manager was, and is, EPCOR.  During the first months EPCOR was the interim manager, EPCOR provided the ACC with a multi-year plan, explaining their recommended next steps to not only bring the current system into compliance, but also to prepare for future growth.  Over the last couple of years, residents in San Tan Valley have seen significant improvement.  During this time, George Johnson, who still owns Johnson Utilities, has challenged every action taken by the ACC.  

The most challenging issue right now is for the ACC to decide what they should order regarding the waste water treatment capacity in the area.  As the issue becomes more and more of a threat to the new construction projects in the area,  the developers and their lobbyists and attorneys are becoming more and more vocal, providing their own recommended next steps.  These next steps, introduced by these developers, help to address the future of their individual projects.  In addition, Johnson Utilities has introduced their own recommendation for how to address waste water capacity issues.

As a result, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) needs your input for an important decision they must make soon. they need to hear from you TODAYBEFORE TUESDAY, September 22, 2020.


Johnson Utilities (JU) is just about out of Waste Water Treatment capacity. New construction will have to stop soon throughout the area because there will not be enough waste water treatment capacity. The ACC has ordered JU to build an additional plant and add capacity at their Waste Water Treatment Facilities. JU has tried to block the ACC's orders by launching over 20 separate lawsuits in the last couple of years. 

"It is unbelievable to me that JU has used $ MILLIONS of rate payer money to fund many of these law suits", said local San Tan Valley resident John Dantico. "We are paying our money, to help George Johnson owned Johnson Utilities, BLOCK NEEDED CONSTRUCTION TO THE WASTEWATER SYSTEMS."

Right now the ACC is asking each of you to reach out to them, via email, and let them know who you think they should be listening to.  The interim manager EPCOR who has provided a plan, the developers who are concerned with their new housing construction projects or George Johnson, owner of Johnson Utilities.

To contact all of the Commissioners, simply click the link below and submit your comments.  You can also complete a form here.

The Commission needs to hear from YOU. 

  1. Go to: https://efiling.azcc.gov/online-services/utilities-public-comment-external
  2. Fill out your contact data to the online form
  3. Company Name: Johnson Utilities
  4. Docket Number: WS-02987A-18-0050
  5. Your position on the Docket: FOR
  6. Enter your opinion here: WRITE YOUR OWN OPINION OR, copy the paragraph below

Dear Commissioners

I implore you to follow the recommendations provided in the multi-year plan by EPCOR.  As the interim manager, whom you appointed, to address the pending issues and future growth, it makes no sense to opt for other options.  EPCOR has a stellar reputation and extensive experience in the water and waste water industry, which again is why you appointed them to take over the day to day operations of the utility.  Considering options from self-serving developers or the owner of Johnson Utilities, is not in the best interest of the ratepayers in San Tan Valley and surrounding areas.  It is your job, to protect the ratepayers and make decisions that positively impact us today and in the future.  

It is time for the ACC to Order Johnson Utilities to fully fund the EPCOR designed upgrades and plans presented to the ACC in their multi-year plan.
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