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Drowning Awareness


No one expects it to happen on a sunny Saturday during a family bar-b-q or gathering. However, this time of year is when Arizona sees a tragic increase in backyard drownings and near drownings.

Drowning has quickly become the single largest killer of children between the ages of 1 and 4, in the U.S. Worst of all drowning is preventable. The following are a few reminders that just might save a life.

Childproofing your pool
  • Have a pool fence or exterior doors leading to the pool with childproof, self-latching locks.
  • A fence tall enough to keep children out.
  • Items around the fence that can be used to climb on and over are removed.
  • Make sure Children can't crawl under or squeeze through any part of the fence.
  • A pool gate that closes and locks on its own.

Too many children who are "being watched" silently drown. Here are some keys to good supervision of children around water.
  • Put and adult over 18 in charge of watching the children around water.
  • Stay within arm's reach of young swimmers at all times.
  • Make sure the person supervising knows CPR
  • Limit the time any one person must supervise
  • Avoid distraction while supervising. No Cell phones, limited socializing
  • Limit alcohol consumption while supervising the water
  • If everyone goes to eat. Close the pool, everyone out, lock the gate.
  • Remember Grandparents, babysitters, neighbors, relatives, or friends caring for a child may not be aware of water safety- REMIND THEM!

Water Safety
  • Have new swimmers wear a life jacket
  • Teach children to swim
  • Even toddlers can learn water survival
  • Limit the amount of horseplay around young swimmers
  • Never leave young swimmers in the care of other young swimmers
  • Never leave toys in and around the pool. Toys are not life preservers
  • If a young child is missing check the pool first.

Learn CPR
  • Get certified in basic first aid and CPR
  • At least learn basic CPR
    • Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpEvQuOWME0 American Heart Association's 2 steps to save a life
  • Learning CPR could be the single most important thing you do. Have the entire family (14 and over) learn what to do in an emergency and how to perform CPR.
  • Timely discovery and immediate application of CPR can dramatically increase a child's chance of survival. Many resources are available on-line and in person to learn proper CPR.

Hidden Water Dangers
  • Bathtubs, hot tubs, toilets, buckets of water
  • Ponds, water retention areas, large fountains
  • Creeks, streams, rivers, lakes

Child drownings can be devastating for a family and for first responders. Worst of all is that they are preventable. Watch kids around water. #BEH2OWISE

Rural Metro Fire Department encourages everyone to have a safe and fun fall! Remember that your membership supports community wide involvement, safety education for kids, emergency medical resources and fire protection community wide! Rural Metro Fire services go far beyond just Fire! Check out our NEW website at www.RuralMetroFire.com. You can manage your account, activate your membership, learn more about services, or just leave us a message.

Prefer to talk to one of our outstanding Customer Service representatives? Call (480) 627-6200, M-F 8am-5pm.

Thank you for supporting your hometown, Fire Department. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook @ruralmetrofiresantanvalley.
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