The unofficial results from yesterday's August 30th primary election can be found below. We've included all of the races in Pinal County, the Legislative districts & Congressional District that San Tan Valley is in as well as US Senate & Arizona Corporation Commission.

Pinal County had a total of 178,465 registered voters and 36,340 ballots were counted. As of midnight August 30th, the following Pinal County candidates have secured a spot on the Nov 8th General Election ballot. (In 2012, there were 160,269 registered voters & 39,625 ballots were counted.)

Pinal County Sheriff
Mark Lamb (R)
Kaye Dickson (D)

Pinal County Attorney
Kent Volkmer (R)
No Democrat Challenger

Pinal County Treasurer
Michael McCord (R)
No Democrat Challenger

Pinal County Assessor
Douglas Wolf (R)
Jacqueline Minto (D)

The following candidates ran unopposed:

Pinal County Recorder - Virginia Ross (R)
Pinal County School Superintendent - Jill Broussard (R)

District 2 had a total of 38,434 registered voters. For the District 2 Supervisor race, 29,971 voters could have voted in the Republican primary. With a total of 3,605 votes counted for District 2, Mike Goodman appears to have won the Republican Nomination with 1,194 votes & will not be challenged in the General Election.

District 5 Supervisor

Todd House (R)
No Democrat Challenger

Legislative District 16

David Farnsworth (R)
Scott Prior (D)

House of Representatives (elect 2)
Kelly Townsend (R)
Doug Coleman (R)
Sharon Stinard (D)
Cara Prior (D)

Legislative District 12

Warren Petersen (R)
No Democrat Challenger

House of Representatives (elect 2)
Eddie Farnsworth (R)
Travis Grantham (R)
No Democrat Challenger

Legislative District 8

Frank Pratt (R)
Barbara McGuire (D)

House of Representatives (elect 2)
Thomas "TJ" Shope (R)
David Cook (R)
Carmen Casillas (D)

Arizona Corporation Commissioner (elect 3)

Robert "Bob" Burns (R)
Andy Tobin (R)
Boyd Dunn (R)
Tom Chabin (D)
Willaim "Bill" Mundell (D)

Congressional District 4

Paul Gosar (R)
Mikel Weisser (D)

US Senator

John McCain (R)
Ann Kirkpatrick (D)

Updated as of August 31, 2016 00:06:28 MDT 

NOTE: As of 9:00am August 31, 2016, there were still approximately 11,000 early ballots and 1,100 provisional ballots to process.