As of 12:14am, Nov 9th, with 79 of 102 precincts in Pinal County reporting, preliminary results show the following:

Pinal County Sheriff: Mark Lamb

District 2 Supervisor: Mike Goodman

District 5 Supervisor: Todd House

County Assessor: Doug Wolf

County Attorney: Kent Volkmer

County Recorder: Virginia Ross

County School Superintendent: Jill Broussard

County Treasurer: Michael McCord

Florence Unified School Board: 

Mayor of Florence: Tara Walter

J.O. Combs Unified School District Bond: Passes

Prop 205: Fails (Legalization of Marijuana)

Prop 206: Passes (Min Wage)

LD 8 Senate: Frank Pratt

LD 12 Senate: Warren Petersen

LD 16 Senate: David Farnsworth

LD 8 House of Representatives: TJ Shope & David Cook

LD 12 House of Representatives: Eddie Farnsworth & Travis Grantham

LD 16 House of Representatives: Doug Coleman & Kelly Townsend

Congressional District 1: Tom O'Hallleran

Congressional District 4: Paul Gosar

Arizona Corporation Commission: Bob Burns, Andy Tobin, Boyd Dunn

US Senate: John McCain

President of the United States: Donald Trump