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Political makeup of Pinal County supervisors appears to change

Last week’s general election was unique in that voters were asked to select representatives from five, not three, su­pervisory districts. The increase was due to a state law that requires additional seats as the county’s population grows. When the unofficial results of the Nov. 6 general election were released last week, with all 22 precincts reporting, Mr. Rios was beating Gem Cox and independent Alicia Bristow, 5,345-4,120-1,275.

In the board of supervisors election for District 2, with all 16 precincts reporting, Republican Cheryl Chase was beat­ing Democrat Margo Feldmiller, 8,903-5,102.

In the race for District 3, with all 22 precincts reporting, Republican Stephen Miller was beating Democrat David Snider and independent Roberto Almaguer, 6,595-5,850-1,643.

In District 4, with all 21 precincts reporting, Republican Anthony Smith was besting Democrat Henry Wade, 10,893-7,376.

And in District 5, with all 21 precincts reporting, Repub­lican Todd House was beating Democrat Maxine Brown, 11,143-7,234. District 5 includes Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.

The outcome of tight races, such as the battle for Dis­trict 3 between Mr. Miller and incumbent Mr. Snider, will be determined once about 20,000 ballots are verified and counted. The ballots consisted of mail-in ballots that were not received until Nov. 6, election day, and ballots dropped off at polling places, said Pinal County Elections Director Steve Kizer.

They cannot be tabulated until they are verified by the re­corder’s office, something the elections department hoped would occur this week.

In addition, 7,000 provisional ballots needed to be pro­cessed to determined whether the voter was a qualified elector.

Mr. Rios sounded optimistic when considering who — Republican or Democrat — will sit alongside him in the supervisors’ chambers.

He said he considers most of the candidates to be, like himself, “pretty level-headed individuals.”

“I don’t comment on Todd House because I don’t know him, and I hope he also comes in with an open mind and a goal to providing good quality services to Pinal County,” Mr. Rios said. “Cheryl Chase seems to be coming in with her own agenda (regarding the sheriff ’s office), and I would hope she broadens her agenda. As concerned as we are about public safety, there are other concerns as well.”

He noted they include water issues, growth and the bud­get.

Stephen Kohut expects a Republican-driven board of su­pervisors to focus on fiscal responsibility in government.

“Right now, Pinal County has the highest property taxes in the state,” said Mr. Kohut, county chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee. “ We spend too much and tax too much.”

To support his point, he noted voters turned down every school override on the ballot during the general election.

“ The voters were making a clear statement. Taxpayers don’t have money,” he said.

Joe Robison, chairman of the Pinal County Democrats, is waiting until the final numbers are announced to com­ment on the new board, he said. Should partisanship play a role in the new five-member board? “Absolutely,” Mr. Ro­bison said, adding that high voter turnout in several parts of the county was encouraging.

“ We’ll have to see who the supervisors are, and then we’ll have a comment,” he noted.

The following are the Pinal counties’ unof­ficial voting results according to the elections department.

For final results, visit

  • Pinal County Attorney: Lando Voyles (Rep), 38,387 (52.75%) James P. Walsh (Dem), 34,304 (47.14%) Write-In, 79 (0.11%) Total Votes, so far: 72,770
  • Pinal Sheriff: Paul Babeu (Rep), 42,406 (53.83%) Kevin Taylor (Dem), 26,181 (33.24%) Ty Morgan (Ind), 10,058 (12.77%) Write-In, 129 (0.16%) Total Votes, so far: 78,774
  • Pinal County Treasurer: Steven L. Boyd (Rep), 37,476 (49.43%) Dolores Doolittle (Dem), 38,253 (50.46%) Write-In, 81 (0.11%) Total Votes, so far: 75,810
  • Pinal County School Superintendent: Jill Broussard (Rep), 42,497 (57.26%) Orlendaf F. Roberts (Dem), 31,624 (42.61%) Write-In, 100 (0.13%) Total Votes, so far: 74,221
  • Pinal County Recorder: Virginia Ross (Rep), 40,064 (54.31%) Barbara Kelly (Dem), 33,608 (45.56%) Write-In, 91 (0.12%) Total Votes, so far: 73,763
  • Pinal County Assessor: Douglas Wolf (Rep), 41,456 (56.30%) Randy Robbins (Dem), 32,063 (43.55%) Write-In, 109 (0.15%) Total Votes, so far: 73,628
  • Apache Junction 7 Constable: Ron Leduc (Rep), 22,391 (97.70%) Write-In, 526 (2.30%) Total Votes, so far: 22,917
  • Apache Junction Fire District (3 spots available): 17 of 17 Precincts Reporting Barbara Cobb, 5,950 (20.63%) Jeff Cross, 7,106 (24.64%) Charlie Fox, 5,496 (19.06%) Gene Gehrt, 4,926 (17.08%) Justin Jackson, 5,282 (18.32%) Write-In, 76 (0.26%) Total Votes, so far: 28,836 Florence Unified School District No. 1 (3 spots avail­able) Janeane Candelaria, 4,457 (22.37%) Bob Daily, 4,627 (23.22%) George Garcia, 3,405 (17.09%) Bob Ingulli, 3,683 (18.49%) Rose Marie Monks, 3,702 (18.58%) Write-In, 50 (0.25%) Total Votes, so far: 19,924
  • Florence Unified School District No. 1 - Question: Yes, 4,322 (41.00%) No, 6,219 (59.00%) Total Votes, so far: 10,541 Apache Junction Unified School District No. 43 (3 spots available) Jeff Cranmer, 6,430 (22.10%) Jo Harte, 4,345 (14.93%) Dena M. Kimble, 5,494 (18.88%) Wendy Moore, 7,225 (24.83%) Danielle Reynolds, 5,532 (19.01%) Write-In, 71 (0.24%) Total Votes, so far: 29,097 Apache Junction Unified School District No. 43 (2­year term) Lappas-Krohn, 3,833 (35.07%) Michael Weaver, 7,059 (64.58%) Write-In, 39 (0.36%) Total Votes, so far: 10,931 J.O. Combs Unified School District No. 44 - Ques­tion Yes, 2,677 (47.64%) No, 2,942 (52.36%) Total Votes, so far: 5.619
  • Coolidge Unified School District No. 21 - Question: Yes, 2,429 (41.07%) No, 3,485 (58.93%) Total Votes, so far: 5,914 Higley Unified School District No. 60 (4-year term) (3 spots available) Jake Hoffman, 4,256 (16.73%) Paul L. Howell, 3,896 (15.31%) Greg F. Land, 3,556 (13.98%) Kristina A. Reese, 5,066 (19.91%) Denise Standage, 4,387 (17.24%) Bob Steiger, 4,281 (16.83%) Total votes so far: 25,442

Written by Wendy Miller

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