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Pinal Truth Squad versus THE TRUTH

Members of PCSO K-9 are from left to right: Eric Berner and Aries, Daniel Richerson and Nauro, James Rimmer and Aza, Ashton Shewey and Kelly, Stan Jackon and Bikkel, Travis Williams and Russ. Not pictured are Dan McLean and LJ.

Martyn seems to think that we are all ignorant enough to fall for his latest scheme to change our focus from Curis’ Florence copper mine and water contamination to anything about George Johnson. Martyn’s latest tactic of pure DISTRACTION from the real issues in Florence (and Pinal County) to whatever garbage he can glean from the internet is absurd.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED WITH THE COPPER MINE. Curis has yet to offer a remedy in the event of water contamination because THERE IS NO REMEDY.

In fact, in a letter dated January 23, 2012 to Ms. Nancy Rummell, United States EPA Groundwater Office Representative, Curis admits to alert level exceedances of mag- nesium, sulfate and TDS.  Visit www.johnsonutilities.com to read the correspondence on this matter. NOW, Supervisor Martyn is helping Curis DISTRACT YOU from WATER CONTAMINATION, PROPERTY VALUES and VIOLATIONS to the Town of Florence General Plan. Ask Martyn why!

I have always stood up for the truth and for what is right.” This sentence is quoted from an email sent out by Supervisor Martyn and received on February 15, 2012. This email was an introduction to Bryan Martyn’s “Pinal Truth Squad” website. Well, the “truth” is often subjective along with exactly how much of it we want to express. Bryan Martyn’s “truth” certainly is.

The statements below are truths - with facts, witnesses, correspondence and documents. We do not take this lightly.

  • Bryan Martyn filed paperwork forming the “Pinal Truth Squad” with him as the entire organization but, he tipped his hand when he listed an employee of Husk Partners as the statutory agent for the organization. Husk Partners, one of Curis’ many lobbying firms, recently had their offices raided by the FBI and the Arizona Attorney General’s office in connection with the Fiesta Bowl scandal. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Martyn filed for a certain type of orga- nization which does not require him to tell you who is paying for the mail and the website. Why is he hiding? THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Not once did Bryan Martyn object to the Johnson Utilities rate increase in a public forum before the Arizona Cor- poration Commission. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Mr. Johnson rightfully admits no wrongdoing in outrageous lawsuits with no proof and no convictions. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Johnson Utilities water rates are determined by the Arizona Corporation Commissioners and their staff, not George Johnson. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Several years ago Mr. Johnson successfully argued that elected officials should not have complete immunity for official comments they make. A Superior Court and Court of Appeals judges agreed. Now, state- wide – elected officials are responsible for what they say to the people who elect them! THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Mr. Johnson paved 11 Miles of Hunt Highway when it was a dirt road and paved miles of Bella Vista Road in order for you to have homes to live in. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Mr. Johnson donated the land and built Walker Butte Elementary School in Johnson Ranch at no cost to the taxpayers. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Mr. Johnson currently provides a library to the citizens of the area at no cost even though Pinal County charges you a library tax. Martyn actually opposed Mr. Johnson opening a library free to the public! Mr. Johnson then had to contract with the Maricopa County Library District to provide this service. Johnson Com-munity Library currently serves over 6000 patrons after being open just one year. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Mr. Johnson has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations and charities in the San Tan Valley area to make it a better place to live. THAT’S THE TRUTH!
  • Mr. Johnson and hundreds of other people who want to protect our water would like to see Supervisor Martyn cease the distraction of these attacks and use the same amount of time, energy and resources for positive action to help the youth and elderly in Pinal County. THAT’S THE TRUTH!


We DO NOT APOLOGIZE for and we WILL NOT CEASE taking every action available to us to PROTECT OUR WATER! We WILL CONTINUE to support those candidates for office who have publicly demonstrated their opposition to the Curis copper mine in Florence.

We WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. We WILL EXPOSE those who are part of the team of people who are willing to take the risk of contaminating our water. THAT’S THE TRUTH!

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