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The maxim, “breastfeeding is the way to go!” was drummed in early in my pediatric training and it remains a scientific fact to date.

The key to his new home is presented to veteran Rodney Nix (second from right) by Norma Tomlinson and  Gary Tomlinson (on each side of Nix) as VFW 7968  representative Frank Page (far left) looks on.

We will follow through on addressing other therapeutic options for infantile colic in addition to the comfort measures discussed last week.

There is enough evidence in the medical literature suggesting that newborn infants go through a brief period of intestinal enzyme insufficiency simultaneously at the same time colic symptoms peak and wane. The specific enzyme tested for in these studies is called lactase. This enzyme plays a key role in the breakdown and digestion process of milk sugar otherwise known as lactose. A transient deficiency affecting lactase leads to poor milk digestion and lots of gas and other by products are produced. The gas produced contributes to abdominal discomfort and spasm we believe plays a key role in the progression of symptoms leading to infantile colic.

The incredibly vast wonderful matrix of cells, tissues, organs and enzymes that make up the human body is much more complex that would be unraveled in our respective lifetimes. The role tiny elements called trace elements play in ensuring a smooth run of affairs from moment to moment cannot be overstated. Zinc, is one of the elite members in this league of trace elements. Many benefits have been touted to Zinc, and scientific testing has validated many of these. One of the more colloquially perceived strengths of Zinc is under review today, Does Zinc cure the common cold? The common cold is regarded as one of the most widespread illnesses and is a leading cause of visits to the doctor and absenteeism from school and work.

It might not surprise you that video games are big business, but you may find it interesting to learn that the 2009 video game sales in the U.S alone totaled more $19.5 billion which actually beats the GNP (the economic performance of a country) of about 90 of the 192 independent nations of the world!

The popularity of screen media based devices that have a system of rewarding, or incentivizing the participant, through competitive and interactive plots and designed for recreational use hardly escapes notice wherever you find yourself today in the U.S and indeed most of the developed and developing world. 

The title song in this 1966 classic, Follow me, boys! is more than ode to the Boy Scout movement or the last production with Walt Disney’s thumbprints on it. The redemption of the troublesome youth in town and the odyssey of Lemuel “Lem” Siddons intertwine as he earns the respect of the town folk and loyalty of the youth. Disruptive youth behavior with attendant global socioeconomic stressors makes parenting more challenging today and remains a widely prevalent problem. The dim reality that pharmacologic therapy with pills alone will not suffice even in the 21st century and indeed needs a full spectrum of support for success when indicated makes me wonder if Lem’s experience, expertise and approach to solving this problem fictionally would be applicable today.

Children are not small-sized adults; newborn infants certainly have their own peculiar body functions that distinguish them from older children as well. We’ll look at the key body function of breathing and sleep in infants in this article, after all some authorities have estimated about a third of the average human life time is spent sleeping.

Allergies are on the rise! No one has quite figured out all the answers at this point. There’s the “hygiene hypothesis”, which we spoke about previously and other areas of intense on-going research beyond the scope of this post today.

A parent wondered recently and asked if her 13-month old son could be having nasal allergies? My answer was, Yes. This surprised her and this is why. This parent realized and correctly so that you can only respond with allergy-type symptoms to something you’ve been exposed to and subsequently sensitized to. The baby at 13-months old has barely gone through his first allergy season and presumably his very first exposure to the annual tide of environmental allergens (trees, weeds, grasses) and really unlikely to be reacting now, let alone mount an allergic response barely after the first year of exposure. 

The health implications of exposure to nitrates in drinking water were first reported in the scientific literature by Comly in 1945 after observing ashen-gray skin discoloration known as cyanosis in infants in Iowa, where well water was used in formula preparation. Since then, most studies on the health effects of nitrates in drinking water have focused on infants because they are thought to be the most vulnerable to this exposure. More recent evaluations of the health implications of nitrates in drinking water have examined reproductive and developmental effects.

Far from just Iguanas, all members of the reptile and amphibian family that have become domesticated and favorites for family pets can be fun for the family, but they can easily harbor a bacteria that could make young children very sick. Turtles, frogs, snakes, geckos, horned toads, salamanders, and chameleons are other common examples.

In pediatric practices across the country, the delicate issue of potty training becomes a theme at preventive health visits typically around the 18th month visit. This period is fraught a good number of developmental changes and milestone acquisition in the toddler.

We frequently encounter children and parents for whom the transition to independent bowel and urinary sphincter control is more challenging than most, here’s a quick outline of steps to successful toilet training culled from the Zuckerman and Parker textbook of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 3rd ed. that will help.

While making hospital rounds in the newborn nursery over the years, mothers and fathers alike have routinely had dozens of questions pertaining to their newborn - which I might add is a very welcome gesture. A particular question comes on more frequently in my experience than others and this same question commonly comes up again around the fourth month of life. Yes, you guessed right. It has to do with cosmetic concerns and yes, it’s the shape of the head question.

Parenting is a joyful and rewarding experience and the appearance of a concern in the newborn can be very distressing. We frequently encounter parental concerns themed on crying and suspicions of colic in newborns. This post on Infantile colic is the first of two addressing this concern commonly seen in about 1:5 newborns.

The most widely used definition of colic is set in the rule of threes.  Here seriously fussy babies cried for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, and for longer than 3 weeks. This cascade of events is Illustrated below. 

Prevention is better than cure! This often told precept is widely accepted in many settings but it oddly doesn’t enjoy the same courtesy with childhood immunizations in our experience.

A portal just as is suggested by the Latin derivative, is basically a gateway or access into some space or situation.

Enter, the 21st Century! with yet another new technology: A Patient Portal. Alas! Patients can now enter and see aspects of their own health records online! Technology and the sometimes friction laden-ride with the practice of medicine may have found a perfect fit.  Medicine today as an art form has many antecedents from the past, from Hippocrates through the Renaissance and the post WWII era that still shape many aspects of patient care and health care delivery and research.

CAM is an acronym for complimentary alternative medicine. The arm of the National Institute of Health (NIH) dedicated to providing information on CAM therapeutic options, and evidence for efficacy defines CAM as a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine. Conventional medicine is medicine as practiced by holders of M.D., D.O. degrees and by other allied health professionals, such as physical therapists, physician assistants, registered dieticians, psychologists, and registered nurses. 

The parents of, 4 year old Sally are concerned about the stuttering they observed a few months ago in their daughter. The stuttering hasn’t improved despite efforts to correct and help the child overcome the stutter whenever it arises.

Language and Speech problems in the pre-school age group have become one of the most common problems we face in primary care pediatrics. There is a garden variety of potential neuro-developmental problems that may manifest as different forms of speech or language disorders.

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