Home Alone Safe Alone emergency alert pendants/ telephone kits are provided to citizens through a partnership between PCSO, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office, United Way of Pinal County, TRIAD, SALT, the Community Action Human Resources Agency (CAHRA), Cities of Casa Grande, Apache Junction, Eloy, Coolidge and Florence.

The purpose of this system is to provide assistance to people who may suffer with medical issues and/or for elderly persons who may be at higher risk for falls or medical emergencies.

The kits include an emergency device that is programmed to a home telephone and will dial three chosen neighbor numbers and an emergency number if the pendant, which is worn around the neck, is activated by the push of a button. The pendant will continue calling these numbers until someone answers and will forgo answering machines. The purpose of the Home Alone Safety Program is to alert emergency services when an elderly and/or disabled citizen has a medical emergency.

Home Alone Safe Alone units are available for a one-time donation fee of $50. Low income individuals may be eligible for a grant to receive the unit free of charge. The unit is installed at no additional charge, with no monthly fees or service charges. Existing participants do not have to pay to reprogram their kits.

The Home Alone Safe Alone devices are great to have for your safety if you live alone, have medical problems or just want to feel safe while moving about your house. This is a program is geared for elderly populations and/or disabled individuals who live alone and are in danger of falling, have fallen or may be unable to call for help due to a medical condition.

For more information about the Home Alone Program, please contact Mr. Jim Stephens, PCSO TRIAD Coordinator at 1-800-420-8689.