Rep. Gosar Votes To Avoid Government Shutdown

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S (AZ-04) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives voted again to avoid a government shutdown, delay the Obamacare individual mandate, and promote fairness by repealing the Obamacare subsidy for Members of Congress and the President: 
Pinal County to Conduct Logic & Accuracy Test Wednesday at 2 PM For those who wonder if their vote really counts, wonder no more.  The Congressional District 4 Democrat race was so close on a district-wide level that an automatic re-count was triggered.  According to unofficial results on the Secretary of State’s website, Johnnie Robinson garnered 10,185 votes in the democrat race for Congressional District 4 and Mikel Weisser garnered 10,166 votes – a difference of only 19 votes. 
Believing Arizona legislators have forsaken edu­cation, residents found success in placing a measure on the Nov. 6 general election ballot designed to address what they believe is inadequate school funding. Proposition 204 would renew the 2010 1-cent property tax, scheduled to expire next year, and provide protections against reducing education funding in the future. The additional revenue generated by the tax would fund educational programs in addition to pub­lic transportation infrastructure projects and human services. Other measure provisions include forbid­ding reduction to existing K-12 and university funding levels, and prohibiting reductions to the current state sales tax base.
My opponent challenged me to look at his record.  So I did…and it’s worse than what I thought. These facts present a bleak depiction of how the Pinal County Attorney’s office allows violent criminals to “walk.”  After scouring hundreds of pages of publicly available records, my team of researchers and I have unearthed a pattern of shoddy prosecution.
Arizona voters get their first chance to start making choices during the 2012 election season by casting their ballots in the Tuesday, Aug. 28, Primary Election which will narrow the field of candidates for the Nov. 6 General Election.
AJ News ‘Election Section’ brings questions to the newspaper In the wake of questions from readers as to the selection of local candidates’ profiles that ran in last week’s  Apache Junction/Gold Canyon News and as an information revue for all voters (some of whom don’t consider primary elections important enough to vote in), a primer on primary 
Last week, the media reported that recognized Neo-Nazi and white supremacist Jason  (J.T.) Ready switched parties to run as a Democrat for Pinal County Sheriff. The Pinal County Democratic Party did not recruit, does not endorse or back Ready.  It is without question that Ready's hate philosophy does not reflect the principles and values of the Democratic Party. 
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu will broadcast his first television ad this week. The ad will be seen by voters district-wide. Titled "Hear it from me," the script can be seen below: 
The unofficial results from the Aug. 28 Pinal County primaries have deter­mined who will likely be on the ballot in November. The three supervisory districts in Pinal County grew to five due to a state law, requir­ing additional seats as the county’s popula­tion grows, according to election officials.
With the current recorder, Laura Dean-Lytle, planning to retire from her seat at the end of the election cycle, the Pinal County position will go to either Republican Virginia Ross or Democrat Barbara Kelly after the No­vember vote. The county recorder’s office is tasked with making and preserving copies of valuable records. These records primarily consist of those having to do with property such as deeds and insurance records.
  Ronald LeDuc of Gold Canyon is the current appointed Constable for the Apache Junction Justice Court (JP #7). LeDuc is seeking the position that was left vacant by Sheriff’s candidate Jack McClaren’s resignation from the Office in late May 2012.
GOP candidate Mitt Romney put a good end to a bad week Saturday -- winning the Maine caucuses hours after placing first in a closely watched straw poll of conservative leaders and activists....
A poll shows that Mitt Romney is leading other Republican candidates in the race for Arizona's GOP presidential primary. The Rocky Mountain Poll by the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center finds 41 percent of Republican voters support Romney. Romney was followed by Rick Santorum at 14 percent,...
Independent Newspapers The Aug. 28 Pinal County primary elec­tion has determined that assessor candi­dates Randy Robbins and Douglas Wolf will be two of the candidates in the general election this November. The job of assessor is to determine the value of property in Pinal County.
“Within hours of United States Supreme Court Justices upholding the main portion of Arizona’s SB1070 law, President Obama and Janet Napolitano with a wave of their hands have made what was illegal one day, legal the next. They can't pass their dream act, so they change enforcement  policies, which undermines the rule of law” stated Sheriff Paul Babeu.
Recently the current county attorney released two separate articles.  One article stated that the County Attorney’s office desires to “step it up in 2012”.  The second article admits that the County Attorney’s office is “in a planning stage this year”, and they requested 10-12 Victims Advocates.  Pinal County Attorney Candidate, Lando Voyles, in a race to unseat his opponent Jim Walsh, replied, “After 5 years on the job, it appears that due to political pressure, my opponent is stepping it up in 2012.”  Lando stated, “Despite the reason, stepping it up from the past 5 years is important.  This is law enforcement and there should not be a left or right, just a right or wrong.  We need to keep our families and neighborhoods safe, nothing less.”  Lando acknowledged, however, “This gesture is way too little and way too late to risk leaving our families’ and neighbors’ safety in the hands of this career politician,” referring to Mr. Walsh.

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