Letter to the Editor: Vote San Tan Valley

Letter to the Editor: Vote San Tan Valley

After working so hard to change the law that allows STV to finally vote on incorporation, we need to get the issue to the ballot! State law requires obtaining signatures from a minimum of 10% of the number of registered voters here in STV. That’s a lot of signatures - more than 4,800! We want to exceed that number significantly to cover any signatures that may be challenged.

Your signature on the petition does not bind you to vote one way or the other. It simply helps put the issue on the ballot. For more information about incorporation, go the votesantanvalley.com website.

There are many petitions circulating asking for signatures of registered STV voters. If you are not registered, go to servicearizona.com and register online (you’ll need your driver's license). Add your signature to the petition and help us vote on our future.

We’re in the homestretch to getting to that goal! And we have until April 4 to submit to Pinal County for their scrutiny and decision by the Board of Supervisors whether that vote will take place in August or November this fall.

For too long others have imposed their decisions on our future. Let the people who live here in this beautiful valley vote! Please sign the petition.

Gayle Peters
Volunteer Petition Circulator, San Tan Valley, AZ

Editor's Note:  Registered voters who live within the proposed boundaries of San Tan Valley are eligible to sign the petition.