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Letter to the Editor: Say YES to Interim Manager but No to QC & Florence

Letter to the Editor: Say YES to Interim Manager but No to QC & Florence

Town of QC Council approved an IGA (intergovernmental agreement) with Florence to "act as regional partners" and will be requesting that the ACC designate them as the interim manager for JU. Florence voted and approved the agreement this past Friday and the request was submitted to the ACC.


During a special open meeting on July 24, 2018 at 10am, the ACC will be voting to either accept or reject the ROO (recommended order and opinion of the Administrative Law Judge) that recommended an interim manager be appointed.

The ACC is requesting comments regarding WHO should serve as the interim manager prior to the special meeting on July 24. Comments may be submitted online at http://eservice.azcc.gov/Utilities/PublicComment, reference "Johnson Utilities, L.L.C." as the company and "WS-02987A-18-0050" as the docket number. "For" indicates you are in support of an interim manager; "against" indicates you do not support the installation of an interim manager for Johnson Utilities. In the opinion section you can list who you would like to step in as interim manager or state who you do NOT want to have appointed as an interim manager.

According to a press release by the Town of QC "approximately 3,000 customers live in the Town of Queen Creek, but have Johnson Utilities providing sewer services. An additional 8,000 customers who live outside the Town boundaries are Queen Creek Water customers, but receive sewer services from Johnson Utilities. A large portion of the Town’s planning area is currently served by Johnson Utilities for sewer.

Johnson Utilities serves approximately 7,000 residents of the Town of Florence. These 2,500 homes receive both water and wastewater services from Johnson Utilities. The vast majority of those within the Town of Florence planning area also receive water and wastewater services from Johnson Utilities."

Once again it is clear to see who QC and Florence "are looking out for" - QC's 3000 residents and Florence's 7000 residents and "their" planning areas. Who the heck is looking out for the remaining 100,000 people who are actually affected by what is/has been going on with JU? WE URGE all of you to contact the ACC and tell them NOT to appoint QC or Florence.

  • QC & Florence are looking out for their residents in "their" municipal boundaries - not San Tan Valley and not the "region". Even in their agreement they refer to San Tan Valley as "the region between Queen Creek and Florence".
  • QC & Florence have both attempted to purchase the company and later changed their minds.
  • QC & Florence are both interested in "their" planning areas and "their" future but have ZERO regard for the 100,000 residents in San Tan Valley who are affected by these issues.
  • QC & Florence both have a history of only looking out for their best interests and have ZERO interest in looking out for the best interest of the 100,000 residents living in San Tan Valley.
  • QC & Florence have stated time and time again that they are intervening on behalf of "their" citizens which totals barely 10,000 people vs the 100,000+ living in San Tan Valley who are affected by these issues. Queen Creek residents don't have JU for water, only for wastewater. Florence residents are on a separate system for JU water.
  • QC & Florence aren't looking out for the region, they are looking out for "their" share or small percentage of the area.
  • QC & Florence both have a huge conflict of interest
  • Neither QC or Florence have ANY experience running a water and wastewater utility as large as Johnson Utilities
  • Neither QC or Florence are regulated or overseen by the ACC
  • Neither QC or Florence could EVER take over the CC&N for the area if needed
  • QC & Florence admit that they can't do the work and will be hiring 4 consulting firms to do the work instead - so why should QC & Florence be involved at all?

The ACC has stated several times that the interim manager should be independent of any connection to Johnson Utilities. This condition should extend to those who have worked for or with Johnson Utilities and to those who have been or may be involved in any discussions to acquire Johnson Utilities. That in and of itself should disqualify QC and Florence. San Tan Valley residents deserve better and request an independent third party to be appointed as interim manager, not Queen Creek or Florence.