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Letter to the Editor: Thanks for being rural

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for being rural

To the rural people in and around Queen Creek, I wanted to thank you all for maintaining your rural lifestyle for which many of us moved here.

It is a shame that the Queen Creek Town Council gave in to greed and uncontrolled development. The small town feel that the town touted is almost gone.

The town promised years ago to maintain the rural lifestyle for it’s residents, but this promise seems to have been lost.

I would encourage those that have been steadfast to speak up at council meetings and steer course back towards the town we desired when we put our roots down here.

Development is expected as part of growth but it should be balanced for all of us to enjoy.

Encourage trails, communities, parks and plans for all lifestyle types to use and enjoy.

Queen Creek should be encouraged to steer back to quality and not quantity for its residents base.

For those of the rural areas, please maintain vigilance in maintaining your zoning specifications.

Beware of changes that are spoken as “not really different” as these are the “snake in the grass” ways of the town pulling the rug out and away from your rural life.

Thanks again to the rural people of Queen Creek for being here.