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Riggs Road extension to be complete in Spring 2019

Riggs Road extension to be complete in Spring 2019
Riggs Road extension to be complete in Spring 2019

Phase two of the Riggs Road project will extend Riggs from Crismon to Meridian, providing an important east-west connector for Queen Creek and the region.

The Riggs Road extension is a two-phase project with construction and costs being split between the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) and the Town of Queen Creek. MCDOT recently completed the first phase from Ellsworth to Crismon.

In addition to MCDOT completing the first phase of the Riggs Road expansion, the Town has been working with Pinal County to realign the Riggs and Rittenhouse intersection, helping enhance traffic flow in the area. The project also includes the Union Pacific Railroad as the intersection improvements will include a full crossing, also improving traffic flow and increase safety.

The Riggs Road extension is anticipated to be complete in spring 2019. The new roadway will include two westbound lanes, one eastbound lane, bike lanes, curb and a sidewalk on the north. The roadway will be expanded to six lanes as development occurs in the area, with the new developments paying for the expansion.

“Not only will Riggs Road serve as an important east-west connector, it will provide an important alternate route during the Rittenhouse Road improvements,” commented Queen Creek Public Works Director Troy White. “Widening Rittenhouse Road, south of Ocotillo Road, requires expanding the bridge at the Queen Creek Wash to four lanes and improving the bridge requires a complete closure of Rittenhouse Road. That project is currently being designed and will begin construction once the Riggs Road extension is complete.”