Road Construction Updates for the Town of Queen Creek -

Road Construction Updates for the Town of Queen Creek

Road Construction Updates for the Town of Queen Creek
Road Construction Updates for the Town of Queen Creek

Road construction in the Town of Queen Creek directly impacts the commutes of many San Tan Valley residents.  As a result, we wanted to share with you some upcoming construction that may impact your travels.

Increased Traffic Patrols

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department will be conducting increased traffic patrols focusing on distracted and aggressive driving along Ellsworth Loop and Rittenhouse, Ellsworth Loop and Ocotillo and Rittenhouse and Ocotillo.

The following road improvements are underway or will begin this year:

Crismon Road extension from Queen Creek to Germann

Anticipated start date: Currently Underway
Anticipated completion date: Spring 2018

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Project consists of half street paving, curb and gutter, intersection and streetlight improvements to extend Crismon Road north from Queen Creek Road to Germann Road with one lane in each direction.

Riggs Road extension from Ellsworth to Meridian


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project includes construction of the north half of a future six-lane roadway, bike lanes, sidewalks and construction of the Sonoqui Wash from Ellsworth Road to Crismon Road.

  • Phase 1 Improvements (Ellsworth to Crismon):  This phase of the project will be managed by Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) and construction is currently under way. 
  • Phase 2 Improvements (Crismon to Meridian):  The Town of Queen Creek is designing improvements to this phase of the project, with an estimated start date of construction in Fall 2018.  

Ellsworth and Queen Creek intersection improvements, expanding Ellsworth Road to three lanes in each direction from Walnut to Ryan roads


Phase 2 anticipated start date: Late February 2018
Phase 2 anticipated completion date: November 2018

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project has been separated into two phases to accommodate the completion of construction during the school's summer break. 

  • Phase 1 consisted of improvements to Old Ellsworth Road from just north of the UPRR tracks to just south of Queen Creek Road. Improvements included street, drainage, sidewalk, landscape, street light and waterline improvements for construction of a cul-de-sac turnaround near the school/museum and realigning Walnut Road (Ellsworth Loop north connector) to provide for safer travel movements in the area.   
  • Phase 2 consists of the realignment and softening of the Ellsworth Loop/Ellsworth Road curve at the Queen Creek Road intersection to improve traffic flow and movement. Improvements also include street, drainage, irrigation, waterline, sidewalk, landscape and traffic signal improvements from Walnut Road to Ryan Road and 1/8 mile east on Queen Creek Road. Ellsworth will be widened to three lanes in each direction from Walnut to Ryan.


  • Phase 1 construction is complete. 
  • Phase 2 construction is scheduled to begin in mid February 2018, with initial work taking place off the roadway to work on traffic signals and placing temporary pavement on the shoulder to accommodate the traffic through the intersection during construction. More information will be provided as the schedule and sequencing details are finalized. Construction is estimated to be complete November 2018.  

Power Road improvements from Ocotillo to Brooks Farm


Anticipated construction start: Spring 2018
Anticipated construction completion: Fall 2018

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Project consists of widening the roadway to three lanes in each direction with a center turn lane, curb and sidewalks. Improvements will also include undergrounding utilities, irrigation and a box culvert crossing at Sonoqui Wash.

Arizona Department of Transportation Update


In addition to local roadway improvements, the Arizona Department of Transportation anticipates the interim extension of State Route 24 (two lanes in each direction), from Ellsworth to Ironwood, to be complete in 2021.