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UPDATED: Hunt Hwy, Gantzel & Bella Vista: What's Next?

Hunt Hwy, Gantzel & Bella Vista: What's Next?
UPDATED: Hunt Hwy, Gantzel & Bella Vista: What's Next?

Hunt Hwy lanes to traffic were opened on February 10th and posts throughout social media highlighted the excitement from the community.

"We wanted to get the lanes open as soon as we could", said Celeste Pemberton of Pinal County Public Works, "but we weren't quite complete with the full improvements."

Hunt Hwy

Pinal County Public Works still needs to place concrete pavers at the Solera entrance (Tumbling River Road) which will occur between Feb 27 - March 3. Some additional work to beautify the medians near Wal-Mart will also take place between March 6 - March 15, when median pavers will be placed. The work around the medians near Gary Road will require a 24-Hr lane closure for one direction of travel.

Signal improvements will start February 27th and may last up to two weeks between the intersections of Bella Vista Road and Wal-Mart. Lane closures will be necessary for a few hours a day throughout the two week span.

During the evening hours of 9pm - 4am through the week of Feb 28 - March 2, thermoplastic (final) striping on both Bella Vista and Hunt Highway will be completed with the entire project being completed by the end of March.

Bella Vista

After the Hunt Hwy lanes were opened, the county started working to adjust utilities on Bella Vista Road. While there were a few days of outside lane closures this past week, public works is only anticipating one more day on Feb 21 for the inside lanes.

Gantzel Road

A closure of Gantzel Road south of the Bella Vista intersection to Omega Drive will take place between March 6 - March 7, to complete a fog sealant treatment and subsequent restriping. This closure does not include the intersection of Bella Vista and Gantzel.