Poston Butte Yearbook Full of Surprises

Poston Butte Yearbook Full of Surprises
Poston Butte Yearbook Full of Surprises

The cover of the Poston Butte 2017 yearbook reads "Changing Y(our) Story", but no one was expecting to receive an email from the school asking students to bring their yearbooks back so they could change what was published inside.  

After finding "offensive comments and quotes" in the newly published and distributed yearbooks, such as:

  • "If you have never thought about dropping out and becoming a stripper once, you're lying"
  • "My As turned into Bs and so did my grades"
  • Descriptive Memories of a "bromance"  in the shower...
  • and others

Steve Tannenbaum, the principal at Poston Butte High School sent out the following email message:

Hello Parents,

This is Steve Tannenbaum, Principal of Poston Butte High School. Unfortunately, some inappropriate quotes appear in the yearbook this year. We sincerely apologize to our Poston Butte families and community. The oversight by school staff to properly review and edit the yearbook is unacceptable and the school is working to remedy the situation.

The yearbook sponsor has, as of now, been relieved of all yearbook duties and will be replaced by another sponsor for the next school year. The district will also be putting additional safeguards in place to ensure another incident does not occur in the future.

For any Poston Butte student who was issued a yearbook, we are making two options available:

  • Option One: You can request a full refund and return the yearbook with no questions asked next Friday, May 26th.
  • Option Two: We have ordered adhesive corrections to cover every inappropriate comment. You can bring your book to the front office on Friday, May 26th and have your book returned the following Tuesday, May 30th.

Again, we sincerely apologize to our community, parents and students. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the front office.

Thanks for your time. 

Steve Tannenbaum

After the above email was sent out, the Florence Unified School District submitted the following statement:

The yearbook at Poston Butte High School was published with several inappropriate and offensive comments and quotes. The Florence Unified School District and Poston Butte High School do not condone or support the publication of these statements. The failure of our yearbook sponsor to adequately review and edit these comments has led to the sponsor's removal from all yearbook duties moving forward.

Poston Butte High School has issued an apology to all parents and students as well as an opportunity to receive a full refund. Parents and students can also turn their yearbooks in to have the inappropriate comments edited.

The Florence Unified School District is currently investigating the matter and will work with our students, parents and community to ensure the issue is resolved to the best of our ability and sincerely apologize for this incident. We will proactively work to add additional safeguards to ensure this never happens again.

The Poston Butte staff member responsible for editing this year's yearbook sent out the following comments to staff and students: "Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am about my negligence regarding the 2017 yearbook and portraying Poston Butte in a negative light. I accept full responsibility for the content of the yearbook.  I thank Mr. Tannenbaum and district officials for assisting me in reaching out to the student body, parents, and community. Again, I am truly sorry for my poor judgment, lack of professionalism, and negative impact on the school."

Do you have a copy of the Poston Butte High School yearbook?  What do you think about what was published?