No Action Taken on J-Curve or Banner Annexations

No Action Taken on J-Curve or Banner Annexations
No Action Taken on J-Curve or Banner Annexations

Hundreds of San Tan Valley residents showed up at the April 19th Town of Queen Creek Council Meeting, in opposition to two current annexation efforts by the Town to annex the inside of the "J-Curve", at Hunt Hwy and Empire and San Tan Valley's hospital, Banner Ironwood.

The meeting began with six council members heading into executive session. Vice Mayor Jeff Brown, who ran the meeting in Mayor Barney's absence, stated the executive session involved discussions that didn't affect anyone at the meeting, as neither the Banner or J-Curve annexations were to be discussed. The executive session was to discuss annexation of the LDS Church Farm, another San Tan Valley parcel.

While the Banner annexation public hearing was scheduled for 5:30pm, the public hearings didn't start until 7pm.  By the time 7pm rolled around, both rooms were packed with San Tan Valley residents, many filling out forms requesting to speak.  Once the public hearing began, Vice Mayor Brown stated that he would not allow everyone to speak and that those interested in speaking should decide amongst themselves who will represent the body.  

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Supervisor Goodman spoke first in opposition to both annexations.  Goodman urged the Town Council to slow the process down and allow the residents and elected officials the chance to be a part of the discussions and decisions.  San Tan Valley resident Tisha Castillo, who led the charge to change legislation giving San Tan Valley residents the right to vote on whether or not they want to become a city, spoke next.  After three more speakers were allowed to speak, two of whom were Queen Creek residents speaking in favor of the annexations, including the Queen Creek Chamber President/CEO, Chris Clark, Brown closed the public hearing.  

Immediately attendees voiced their disapproval and demanded that they be given the chance to speak.  In response the town attorney spoke up and encouraged Brown to allow anyone who wished to speak the chance to do so.  

Dozens of people then spoke in opposition to both annexations, including San Tan Valley resident, Tim Taylor, who vowed to never shop again in Queen Creek if the annexations went through.  

Rep David Cook submitted a letter requesting that the Town of Queen Creek pull the agenda item and hold a stake holder meeting with Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman, himself and other elected leaders on the subject.  The letter was read into the record by Vice Mayor Brown.

No other residents spoke in favor of either annexation.

Both the CEO of Banner Ironwood, Sharon Lind, and Vice President of Development and Construction at Banner Health, Kip Edwards were present but neither spoke. 

The public hearings required no action be taken on either annexation effort.  

The Public Hearing for action on the approval of both annexations is scheduled for the May 17, 2017 Town Council meeting.

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