Kyle Flake Gave in Life and in Death

Kyle Flake Gave in Life and in Death
Kyle Flake Gave in Life and in Death

Kyle Michael Flake was known to many as a giving person who spent his life doing good and loving others. An example of his giving nature was the day he made the decision to become an organ donor. Kyle made that decision Dec 22, 2016.

As a Senior at Combs High School, Kyle and his family were preparing for the next chapter of his life. Unfortunately last week, Kyle was involved in a tragic accident and this morning, May 3rd at 12:45am, he passed away.

His family and friends are finding some comfort in Kyle's last heroic act of love - giving the gift of life to others. While Kyle's journey on earth was cut short, his family has been told that Kyle can make a difference for up to 17 people.

A gofundme account was setup initially to help with medical bills and will now be used to help with funeral expenses.

RIP Kyle Michael Flake
September 5, 1998 - May 3, 2017

Interested in learning more about becoming an organ donor? Click here.

This letter was distributed by Combs High School

Dear Combs High School Families and Students,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of 12th grade student Kyle Flake. For those of you who knew Kyle, we ask that you remember and celebrate his kindness and character. For those of you who did not know Kyle, we ask that you respect the sadness of staff and students and offer them support and understanding.

We want you to know that our Crisis Team, made up of counselors, psychologists, social workers, teachers and administrators, were here today on campus from early morning throughout the day to listen, comfort and just be present to help and support all of our staff and students. Additional District staff were here to cover classes for teachers where needed , to escort students to the crisis team locations and provide the man-power to help us make sure that everyone who needed support was cared for. We will have our crisis team back on campus tomorrow and Friday as well. If your student needs someone to talk to or is having a difficult time coping, please have him/her ask their teacher to allow them to seek out that support. No student will be refused support.

I know you will join me in extending our heartfelt sympathy to Kyle’s family. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact me, 480-882-3540, or Dr. Jane Rupard, our Crisis Team Lead at 480-987-5315.

Brooke Davis Principal
Combs High School