Biscuits Cafe Opens in San Tan Valley

Biscuits Cafe Opens in San Tan Valley
Biscuits Cafe Opens in San Tan Valley

After a quiet opening Monday, September 11th, Biscuits Cafe had sign twirlers out front of the restaurant, September 12th, announcing their doors are officially open.

Patrons approaching the door will see a colorful sign that suggests pairing your breakfast with an ice cold beer.  Not something most San Tan Valley residents are used to seeing, but something that has definitely caught the attention of others across social media.  

Once customers walk in they will see a completely redesigned building, with new tables, chairs, a new layout and color scheme, leaving it almost unrecognizable from the last tenant.  

While many San Tan Valley residents have enjoyed the food of Biscuits Cafe in Gilbert, the San Tan Valley restaurant has something none of the other locations have.  A large, full bar.  Completely upgraded and stocked with all types of alcohol, a state of the art espresso machine and seating to fit dozens of people at a time.


The menu offers a wide range of breakfast dishes ranging from biscuits and gravy to french toast, pancakes and waffles to scrambles, omelets, benedicts and eggs your way.  For lunch you can choose from veggie wraps, salads, soups burgers, brisket, reuben, turkey and pulled pork sandwiches and even chicken tenderloin and fish & chips.

So stop in and let us know what you think of San Tan Valley's newest restaurant - Biscuits Cafe - where they don't serve fast food, just fresh food as fast as they can.

Biscuits cafe is located on the northeast corner of Hunt Hwy & Bella Vista - 270 E Hunt Hwy San Tan Valley, Arizona, AZ 85143. The restaurant is open 7 days per week from 6:30am - 2:30pm and is the 20th Biscuits Cafe location in the US.