REMINDER: Community Meeting This Week Re: Rezoning & Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Tan Valley -

REMINDER: Community Meeting This Week Re: Rezoning & Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Tan Valley

Open Meeting This Week Re: Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Tan Valley
REMINDER: Community Meeting This Week Re: Rezoning & Medical Marijuana Dispensary in San Tan Valley

This Wednesday, October 17 from 6pm-8pm, the public is invited to attend a community meeting regarding a proposed rezoning case that is to be heard at the Board of Supervisors November 7th. This case involves rezoning a property on the south side of Hunt Highway between San Tan Flats and Trica Rd.

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The applicant proposes to change the zoning from residential to commercial, and while the San Tan Foothills rural community has long recognized that this property along Hunt would likely go commercial at some point in time, there has been a long-standing process in place that assures that the local rural community (not simply the county or the developer) guides the transition.

"Rezoning must include protections (restrictions on the commercial property) for rural neighbors that live just to the south so those residents will not be forced to forfeit their rural lifestyle," said San Tan Foothills resident, Stan Tomkiewicz. Residents in the area however believe that this new rezoning case has proceeded without getting much input from the rural community on the kind of commercial development that would be acceptable to the nearest neighbors or the rural community at large. The only public outreach was to neighbors within 1200 feet of the property, which will large acreage lots, does not amount to notifying many neighbors. Even so, the limited input that was provided by a few folks who were invited to the community meeting was negative and left some significant issues unresolved.

Here are some concerns about this proposal that still need to be addressed:

  • A medical marijuana dispensary is part of the 3.6 acres being developed. Testimony at the Planning and Zoning meeting from some of our foothill’s residents pointed out problems with having this kind of a business so close to residential neighborhoods. Some were concerned that people would buy marijuana and might simply walk from the dispensary into our neighborhoods or drive to nearby secluded places in the rural area to use the drug. Then there is concern over increased crime incidence in areas near the dispensary.  Others are confused how a dispensary can be built so close to several elementary schools and a place of worship.
  • A car wash is also proposed ….traffic, noise, the profound change in the look of the area, along with access associated with a car wash is a real concern to the nearest neighbors.
  • The project also includes undesignated C-3 zoning and although this commercial zoning contains some stipulations suggested by the county planners, the problem is they didn’t really consult the rural community to get input on whether those stipulations were appropriate and adequate. We need more community input to assure that incompatible businesses do not end up in our neighbors’ backyards or set a bad precedent for other areas in the foothills in the future.
  • Even if you regard the proposal as compatible and feel it should be approved, please come to the meeting to help determine how the transitions to the rural properties should be made to protect their residents lifestyle…..privacy walls, screening with vegetation. How do those issues relate to the San Tan Plan overlay for areas designated as the San Tan Foothills?

To view the proposal, click here.

The community meeting on the project proposal is scheduled for 6-8 PM on Weds Oct 17, 2018 at the STV county offices located next to Mountain Vista Academy, 622 N Mountain Vista Blvd, San Tan Valley, AZ 85142, USA