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Queen Creek Changes Annexation Map for the Third Time

Queen Creek Changes Annexation Map for the Third Time
Queen Creek Changes Annexation Map for the Third Time

A Pro Annexation group pushing to annex Encanterra into the Town of Queen Creek just announced another change to their plans.

Claiming that the news is a "game changer" for annexation, the pro annexation group received word June 21, 2018, that "Queen Creek is revising the map - again!" This will be the third map that has been presented in regards to Queen Creek annexation of Encanterra.

The news alert regarding the annexation states:

"Just yesterday, we received word that Queen Creek is revising the map - again! (As we have previously mentioned, with annexation, the map can be revised at Queen Creek’s discretion). The Town of Queen Creek has now decided to exclude the commercial areas outside of our gates from the proposed annexation map, so the annexation will now include Encanterra ONLY. (No medical plaza, no Fry’s plaza, etc.)

Why would they do this?

We were told that the Town doesn’t want the businesses that were on the proposed map to feel forced into Annexation if they aren’t ready, so their direction is to focus on residential."

While some residents outside of the gates of Encanterra are relieved to hear that the commercial will be removed, residents inside the gates still wonder what benefit annexation really offers them.  "I am pleased to hear that the annexation map has been revised and the commercial property removed, so that these businesses will not be forced to annex against their will, and our neighbors outside our gates subjected to increase sales tax, should Encanterra be annexed" stated one Encanterra resident who is opposed to annexation.  "However, the very same question I asked at the March Meeting remains: Encanterra is a beautiful community with wonderful amenities that we already pay dearly for. We have fire and emergency services located right outside our gate. We can enjoy all that Queen Creek offers ... shopping, restaurants, parks and community events, all without annexing and incurring additional tax liabilities. We can already use Queen Creek in our mailing address. So I ask once again, as I did that night, ‘What does Queen Creek offer that we don’t already have access to?” 

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The revised map is not yet available and according to Leah Gumm, the Encanterra resident spearheading the annexation effort, it won't be available for at least a week.

Will Queen Creek really attempt to annex property that is nowhere in their general plan?  The same general plan that they just brought to a vote and passed last month? Will the new map still include the Combs Traditional Academy? The J.O. Combs Unified School District office? Will the commercial properties really be removed from the map? 

Stay tuned for more info as it develops!

Map #1

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