San Tan Valley Gets Smaller -

San Tan Valley Gets Smaller

Town of Queen Creek approves annexation of Banner Ironwood & the Amerco J-Curve properties
San Tan Valley Gets Smaller

In what took only minutes during the May 17th council meeting, the Town of Queen Creek Council voted to approve the annexations of Banner Ironwood and property located on the "j-curve" across from San Tan Flat, extending the boundaries of the Town of Queen Creek, and reducing the size of San Tan Valley.

After much opposition was presented during the April 19th council meeting and thousands of signatures gathered on an online petition in opposition to the annexations, many San Tan Valley residents believed that nothing they said or did would have influenced the Town of Queen Creek council members.

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Julie Phillips, a resident of San Tan Valley, spoke during the May 17th meeting sharing her disappointment in Mayor Barney's comments about being a "good neighbor". "Going systematically through a community and annexing businesses to pad your town coffers at the expense of your neighboring community doesn't seem friendly to me."

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Social media lit up after the vote was taken with many San Tan Valley residents urging others to remember the vote that took place whenever anyone considers shopping in Queen Creek.

One San Tan Valley resident posted:

"Think about (the annexation vote) the next time you want to go spend your money at their shiny new Queen Creek Marketplace or their Crossroads. The next time you need gas or groceries. The next time you need anything that can be purchased anywhere other than Queen Creek.

Think about that the next time you need medical care. Consider the options other than Banner... options that have not turned on the community that built them.

Spend your hard earned money HERE, in San Tan Valley and Pinal County... where those dollars will help US, not another town who crosses county lines to grab more commercial properties and the tax dollars that come with them... regardless of how that might affect other communities.

Queen Creek has built their little town on the dimes from San Tan Valley residents... yet they show NO RESPECT for our needs."

"It's true, this has been a long time coming" said Queen Creek resident, Celina Zielinski, "and it's probably not a big deal to those of us who live in Queen Creek as I'm sure it will benefit QC, but to our friends and neighbors in San Tan Valley who are feeling excluded from the decision making process with respect to their own town, while being left with Queen Creek's unwanted leftovers, it is very much a big deal. We take our children to the same schools, we work together, we worship together, we have to find a way to broaden the decision making and improve QC without doing so at our neighbor's expense."

There is now a 30 day waiting period between the May 17th vote and when the annexations are final.  

Members of the San Tan Valley Right to Vote committee, who are working to put incorporation on the ballot after legislation was signed by the Governor Feb 21st, 2017, are asking residents of San Tan Valley who are interested in helping with the cause, to contact them