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Queen Creek Trying to Steal Banner Ironwood?

Queen Creek Trying to Steal Banner Ironwood?

Banner Ironwood broke ground in a community without a name in 2008.  In the fall of 2010, it opened its doors in a community called San Tan Valley and has been a community-centric company ever since.  

Last year, many residents were surprised to see a large copper sign appear at the corner of Combs and Gantzel reading Town of Queen Creek, as few residents were aware that Queen Creek had annexed a small section of property on the north side of Combs, all the way to Gantzel Rd.  That land is where the American Leadership Academy elementary and high schools sit.  Many were concerned that Queen Creek had taken the shopping center and Banner on the opposite side of Combs and were relieved to hear that Queen Creek had not.  

On April 7th however, the Town of Queen Creek installed a sign alerting the community that on April 19th, the Town of Queen Creek would begin the annexation process, to pull Banner Ironwood into the Town of Queen Creek boundaries.

The Town of Queen Creek filed an annexation affidavit with Pinal County on March 22nd to begin the process.  While annexation requires 50% plus 1 of the property owners and 50% plus $1 of the assessed value, when there is only one property owner, the standard 12 month process to annex is not needed.  In the case of Banner Ironwood, Banner is the decision maker who gets to choose if they leave the community that they have grown in to become part of a neighboring community or if they choose to stay in San Tan Valley.

While the residents of San Tan Valley have been fighting for years to have the right to vote on whether or not they want to become a city, this year things changed, when HB2088, sponsored by Rep Eddie Farnsworth was signed by the Governor, preventing other smaller municipalities from vetoing the right for the residents to vote on whether or not they want to become a city.  

Once the legislation passed however, the Town of Queen Creek has been actively and aggressively annexing what appears to be as many commercial parcels as they can.  Currently 40 acres at Hunt Hwy and Empire, on the inside of the "J-curve" across from San Tan Flat and now three parcels, south of Combs and west of Gantzel, including Banner Ironwood are set for annexation hearings April 19th.  In addition, the town had scheduled an annexation meeting in Ironwood Crossings for April 10th, but that meeting was cancelled.  Looking at the new planning area map, the town is eager to take in what many consider to be "all of the commercial" currently in San Tan Valley, while ignoring any of the residential areas.  

How do you feel about Banner Ironwood leaving San Tan Valley to become a part of the Town of Queen Creek?  Let us know below.

The San Tan Valley Right to Vote effort has put together a petition for residents to sign urging Banner to stay in San Tan Valley.

**To sign the petition to Keep Banner Ironwood in San Tan Valley, click here. 

To learn more about the San Tan Valley Right to Vote effort, follow their Facebook page here and sign up for their email updates here.