San Tan Valley Right to Vote Bill Passes the House -

San Tan Valley Right to Vote Bill Passes the House

HB2088 Passes the House 40-20; Now moves to Senate
San Tan Valley Right to Vote Bill Passes the House

In an historic decision, the AZ House of Representatives voted 40-20 to pass HB2088, which moves San Tan Valley residents one step closer to determining their own future.

While the effort to change the "6 Mile Rule" has been ongoing for several years, this is the first time the bill has been voted on by the House of Representatives.

"Today was truly an historic day for San Tan Valley," said San Tan Valley resident Tisha Castillo. "Not only did the bill get to the floor for a full vote in the House for the first time, but all of the Representatives that were elected to represent San Tan Valley, voted yes."

HB2088 was sponsored by Rep Farnsworth to address the current "6 mile rule" which allows communities with more than 15,000 in them, to move forward without requiring them to get permission from any municipality within six miles of their future boundary, unless that community is in Pinal County. Pinal County was excluded when the statute was amended in 2011.

"The 6 mile rule, while well intended, allowed for communities to abuse their veto power," said Castillo. "To allow neighboring communities to simply veto a vote time and time again isn't right.  Then to allow the law to be amended in 2011, so that almost every community in the state can move forward without requiring approval, unless your community is in Pinal County was just wrong. That is why we need HB2088 to pass, so we can fix bad AZ law on the books."

HB2088 now moves to the Senate for a vote. "The bill has passed the Senate twice over the last couple of years with almost unanimous bipartisan support", said Castillo, "2017 is going to be our year."

If you'd like to show your support for the bill, you may sign the Petition here, letting the Senate members know of your support.