5 Year Old San Tan Valley Boy Saves Mom's Life

5 Year Old San Tan Valley Boy Saves Mom's Life
5 Year Old San Tan Valley Boy Saves Mom's Life

On March 14th at about 8pm, Sal Cicalese’s mother Katlyn tucked him to bed, put down her two month old daughter and headed into her room to take a shower. Shortly after entering the shower, she suffered a seizure, something that had only happened once before. Home alone with her 5 year old son and two month old daughter, Katlyn struck her head and was unconscious in the shower. Had it not been for the heroic actions of her son, now nicknamed “Super Sal,” things could have been much worse.

Hearing his mother fall, Sal got out of bed and went to investigate. Sal found his mother unconscious in the shower, blood running from her head. Thinking his mother was dying, Sal ran to his two month old sister, wrapper her in a blanket, picked her up and carried her out to the couch. Sal grabbed a stool from the kitchen, dragged it to the garage, where he climbed up and opened the garage door. He then went back and picked up his sister, carrying her out of the house to the neighbor. Sal frantically knocked and rang the doorbell. When he finally got to an adult he explained the emergency to the neighbor, who immediately called 911 and went to check on Katlyn.

Katlyn has recovered nicely, but Sal is still struggling with the tragic events. When contacted by the neighbor, Rural Metro Fire was asked if there was something we could do for Sal. Rural Metro Fire Department is committed to the San Tan Valley community and wanted to make sure that Sal was recognized for his bravery, courage, quick actions and care for his sister and mother.

On April 14th, Sal Cicalese was awarded an Honorary Firefighter Award. Along with his very own firefighter shirt, certificate, first aid kit, and several other Rural Metro goodies. In addition, the crew from Station 842, brought out the engine to show their thanks and respect for such a quick thinking little hero.

ABC 15 news reporters also join Rural Metro in presenting the award and sharing the story. The story will air tonight at 6pm.