Getting your Christmas tree home safely -

Getting your Christmas tree home safely

Getting your Christmas tree home safely
Getting your Christmas tree home safely

AAA recently published a report with some surprising numbers. The motor club says 500 people were killed over the last four years due to hitting road debris and Christmas trees are considered road debris.

"This is the one I think we're getting girls."

For Daniel Yanez and many Valley families, it's a very special time of year.

"We're just looking for some Christmas trees."

And, picking out the right Christmas tree can be a memorable family tradition.

"Does it smell good? I only want a tree that smells good."

"Does that look a little bit fuller too? That one was nice."

As 3 On Your Side found out, selecting the perfect Christmas tree is easy. Getting it home without problems though can be tricky.

Take a quick peek through the internet and you'll see all kinds of Christmas tree disasters.

For example, there was this motorcyclist who escaped serious injury after barely missing a Christmas tree that had fallen off another vehicle.

And then, there are people like this. The tree is so big, it completely blocks the windshield and windows prompting police to pull the driver over.

So how do you get your tree home without problems. For that, we talked to Garrett Mosley who works at Talmachoff Farms in Glendale.

"The trunk goes on the front part of the car and we'll wrap the twine around that, and then we'll tie that part down, we'll tie one part down in the middle and then we'll tie the very end down."

If you have a pickup truck, transporting your tree is a lot easier. But you should still tie it down.

Why? Just ask AAA’s Michelle Donati.

"Within the last three years, 20 million who have bought and taken home Christmas trees, and not have them properly secured to their vehicle. That means those trees could become debris, they could fall off, pose a hazard for other drivers."

Donati is referring to an eye-opening report by the motor club that highlights the dangers of road debris including Christmas trees that have fallen off vehicles or have blown out of a pickup.

"Over the past four years road debris has caused over 200,000 crashes resulting in nearly 39,000 injuries and over 500 deaths."

Just remember, you can be cited if your tree finds itself in the middle of the road. But even worse Donati says, an improperly secured tree could cause a fatality.

"The bottom line is whether you're taking a tree home or you're taking a tree elsewhere after the holidays, make sure that it's secured to your vehicle to prevent that tree from becoming a road hazard for others."

Even if you get your tree home you still might have caused damage to your car by not securing it properly. Scratched paint and torn door seals can be avoided if you take your time and do things right.