It's Time to Think about Pool Safety -

It's Time to Think about Pool Safety

It's Time to Think about Pool Safety

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, children are excited about the end of school and thoughts of not having to get up early, dealing with teachers or homework.

No worries but enjoying the summer vacation with friends and hanging out. The holiday weekend also typically signals the start of the warmer summer weather, backyard BBQ's and spending time to jump in the pool to keep cool.

"We have all seen, or heard the ads-two seconds is too long," said Building Official Tony Guasp. "Pool safety is a year-round priority in Arizona and Pinal County. But during the summer peak swimming season, it becomes critical that we practice good pool safety habits, and a heightened sense of awareness when young children are around the pool."

Pool related accidents happen far too often every year, and many of them are the result of safety being taken for granted. There have been no reported incidents or drowning deaths in Pinal County from January 2015 to April 2016 according to Children's Safety Zone, (

Homeowners with pools always have a greater responsibility, and should have a greater sense of safety awareness for themselves and the children within the community. Drowning hazards for above ground portable or inflatable pools is even greater. Most people are unaware that a pool 18" or more in depth requires a permit and pool barriers.

Practicing the following basic year-round pool safety rules will provide peace of mind, fun and enjoyment year after year.

  • Never leave children unattended near the swimming pool or spa.
  • Ensure that your pool or spa has an effective barrier even if you have a pool cover when not in use. The proper barrier shall have gates that open away from the pool, are self-closing and self-latching, and are beyond young children's reach. When possible keep all doors and windows that lead to the pool area from the home locked, no doggie doors are permitted.
  • Clear view of the pool area should be maintained at all times

Pinal County Building Safety is the Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for all unincorporated areas of Pinal County, as well as the Towns of Superior, Kearny, and Mammoth which have an intergovernmental agreement for building permitting and inspection services. Before installing your pool/spa, water feature etc. please contact Building Safety Department with any questions or requirements needed for a proper pool installation and a safe effective pool barrier.

To reach Building Safety call (520) 866-6405.