Craig's List Scam When Buying Used Vehicle -

Craig's List Scam When Buying Used Vehicle

Craig's List Scam When Buying Used Vehicle


You thought that vehicle purchased on the internet or the paper was a great deal. Yet, you didn’t know checking a specific indicator, the check engine light, could save you a lot of money.

If this light is off and the bulb removed, the seller is hiding a repair that the car needs. Later you are confronted with the horror of big dollar repairs.

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The check engine light is part of the electronic performance of the engine and emissions controls. Whoever removes the bulb is engaging in ‘malice’ as they know there is an underlying expense they avoided and is deliberately passing it onto the next buyer. Therefore it is very important before you buy a vehicle to perform a “bulb check” test, so this doesn’t happen to you. You turn on the ignition key (do not start the vehicle), and look for the dash light bulbs for each system, oil, fuel, etc. to come on, especially, the check engine light. If the light for this circuit does not come on, there is a good chance it has been removed.

Michael Rataj experienced this scenario. He looked on Craigslist to purchase a car for his sister. He found a car to fit his budget, met the seller to look at it, drive it, discuss maintenance records and he purchased the car. He then took it to Desert Car Care Centers where he has been a customer for 9 years. They found that the check engine light bulb was removed. When replaced, they discovered that one of the cylinders was misfiring which would normally trigger a check engine light on thereby warning the consumer. Therefore, Michael had a repair bill of $700.00. “It didn’t occur to me to make sure this light was on and that sellers will remove it just to get the vehicle sold,” states Rataj. “I will never purchase a used car again without first taking it to Desert Car Care Centers to get everything checked.”

“When buying a used vehicle take it straight to your mechanic to have it checked over before purchasing. If the seller won’t allow it, you know you have a problem,” states Frank Leutz, owner of Desert Car Care Centers. “Also, if your check engine light is on consistently, don't allow your mechanic to re-set it and see what happens.” “It is the most vital of the dashboard light indicators and is designed to warn you of a potential failure that needs to be addressed right away otherwise neglecting attention can cause expensive repairs.”

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