Holiday Safety Tips -

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips


Some valuable holiday safety tips

Please remember not to leave valuables in plain view inside your vehicles, put them in the trunk or under the seats.

Please make sure that your vehicles are locked at all times and to leave the exterior lights of your homes on at night. Most neighborhoods around San Tan Valley are experiencing vehicle burglaries and most are crimes of opportunity.  Vehicles are left unlocked with valuables left inside the vehicle such as ipods , G.P.S. units, purses, briefcases, and laptop computers and are prime targets.


Most people do remove their valuables out of their vehicles at night, but forget about garage door openers left in unlocked vehicles. These items can allow thieves access to the garage area and PCSO is seeing some cases where people  don't lock the interior garage door because they feel safe - thinking nobody can get in the main garage door because of the electric opener.

The Sheriff's Office has  had reports of  a group of school aged children (high school and middle school) going door to door soliciting money for school programs.  Please remember schools may conduct fundraisers, but usually it consists of selling magazines , candy bars, and other tangible items. Please keep in mind that they never seek cash donations for any school programs.  If you encounter this type of solicitation, take mental notes of the description of the solicitor and call the school and the Sheriff's Office to report the activity.

Most importantly stay vigilant, you know better than anyone who lives in your neighborhoods.  If you witness people hanging around vacant homes or just wondering around the streets at night, get a description of them and call the Sheriff's office.  Get out and get to know your neighbors and those who live in your neighborhoods so you can spot unfamiliar people or activities occurring in your neighborhood and call the Sheriff's Office to report it.  Remember working together our communities are safer.

Happy Holidays to everyone and STAY SAFE out there!