The Dangers of Turkey Fryers -

The Dangers of Turkey Fryers

The Dangers of Turkey Fryers

The popularity of deep frying turkeys is exploding across the United States. Right here in San Tan Valley the equipment to deep fry a turkey is readily available.

Although no incidents have been reported in recent years in San Tan Valley, Rural/Metro Fire Department has responded on numerous turkey frying incidents in the neighboring service areas like the “Apache Trail”. 

This year Rural/Metro reminds everyone to be aware of the dangers and to read all safety warnings on the frying equipment. Please keep all children and pets away from the turkey fryer. And follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Hot oil may splash or spill during the cooking.
  • Contact between hot oil and skin could result in serious injury.
  • A hot oil spill can happen with fryers designed for outdoor use using a stand. The fryer could tip over or collapse causing the hot oil to spill.
  • In deep frying, oil is heated to temperatures of 350° Fahrenheit or more. Cooking oil is combustible. If it is heated above its cooking temperature, its vapors can ignite.
  • Propane-fired turkey fryers must be used outdoors. They are very popular for Thanksgiving. If rain hits the hot cooking oil, the oil may splatter or turn to steam, leading to burns.
  • Turkeys must be completely thawed before placing in the fryer, because a partially thawed turkey will cause the oil to splatter causing serious burns.
  • The fryers use a lot of oil, about five gallons. Considering the size and weight of the turkey, extreme caution must be taken when placing and removing the turkey from the fryer to be sure its is not dropped back into the fryer, splattering the oil on the chef.