Pinal County Public Works Looks Back at a Busy 2016

Pinal County Public Works Looks Back at a Busy 2016
Pinal County Public Works Looks Back at a Busy 2016

Pinal County Public Works Director Louis Andersen said that 2016 was a banner year for his department and that more is expected in 2017.

"Pinal County keeps on growing at a rapid rate," Andersen said. "What we are doing is striving to meet the needs of our residents and the commuters throughout the county. As I look over the numbers from 2016, I can say it was a very busy year for our staff."

Most people associate Public Works with building or maintaining county roadways. But the department encompasses Emergency Management and Flood Plain Services as well.

"We work very well as a team," Andersen stated. "These departments utilize our resources and we depend on them for their expertise in the field."

In 2016 Public Works completed seven major roadway improvements.

  • Bella Vista road reconstruction - Gantzel Road to Hunt Highway
  • Installed the Empire Boulevard/Gantzel Road traffic signal
  • Florence Kelvin Highway Paving - Cochran Road to Donnelly Wash
  • Gantzel Road pathway construction from Bella Vista Road to Poston Butte High School
  • Gantzel Road Phase One - Bella Vista Road to Omega Drive
  • Hunt Highway Phase Three northbound lanes - Bella Vista Road to Gary Road
  • Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway's Santa Cruz Wash Crossing

"In the past, we would be feeling very proud of completing one or two of these projects," Andersen said. "But we know we have to keep up with the growing infrastructure needs of our residents. As you see, Hunt Highway has made some very good strides forward towards completion."

Pavement Preservation

  • Chip seal treatment - 56.13 miles
  • Crack seal treatment - 48.48 miles
  • Fog seal treatment - 24.14 miles
  • Microsurface treatment - 8.44 miles
  • Rejuvenation treatment - 13.10 miles
  • Slurry seal treatment - 19.47 miles

A total of 169.79 miles of Pinal County roadways were improved.

"The overall goal for our pavement preservation program is to have a steady strategy that enhances pavement performance," Joe Ortiz, Public Works Manager said. "We work diligently in cost-efficient practices and effective treatments to extend our pavement life, improve safety and satisfy our driver's needs."

Environmental Services Clean-Up Events

  • San Manuel - 123 tons of trash, 32 tons of metal and 400 tires
  • Dudleyville - 111 tons of trash, 16 tons of metal and 200 tires
  • Colonia Del Sol - 180 tons of trash, 54 tons of metal and 400 tires
  • Arizona City - 216 tons of trash, 97 tons of metal and 1,500 tires

"We continually encourage our residents to recycle, minimize waste production and stress the proper disposal for materials," Anderson stated. "The community clean-ups are a way to keep our deserts clean and make sure that items like tires are disposed of properly."

Dust Control Projects or Asphalt Rock Dust Palliative (ADRP)

  • State Implementation Plan - ADRP projects of 11 roads = 17.94 miles
  • Transportation Implementation Plan - ADRP projects of seven roads = seven miles
  • Other Programs Supporting Dust Control - ADRP projects of two roads = 4.20 miles

A total of 29.14 miles of dust control projects in Pinal County

"ADRP is a cost efficient approach to cut down the dust on dirt roads," Ortiz pointed out. "This is always a good tool to use for our roads staff in areas that aren't heavily driven on, but yet we want and need to control dust emissions."

Emergency Management

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) Trailer- provided for the Maricopa and Oracle area
  • Revised the Pinal County's Emergency Response & Recovery Plan (Approved and adopted by the Board of Supervisors)
  • Implemented Pinal County's first mass notification system (PENS) to be connected to citizen about nearby incidents and emergencies
  • Received a $207,000 reimbursement for emergency incidents response efforts throughout Pinal County

"We have accomplished a lot for 2016," stated Chuck Kmet, Pinal County's Emergency Manager. "The addition of the Pinal Emergency Notification System is a tremendous achievement for any county this size. It will help with our response if there is an emergency in Pinal County."

Flood/Bridge Improvements

  • Bogart Wash Floodplain Delineation
  • Lake in the Desert Design Concept Report
  • Arizona City Flood Mitigation Design Concept Report
  • Tangerine Basin Construction
  • Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway Bridge Improvements - Various locations on Murphy Road and Antone Street

"We are aware there is a high demand for certain projects to take place, therefore we do our best to note our accomplished projects and continued progress on others to the public. We are focused on improving safety and how to handle the need of various projects with lack of funds. Andersen said. "By maintaining cost control, from joint projects with our cities and towns, along with judicious planning to make sure every dollar we get will go as far as it can."

"As we look at things regionally for Pinal County, we are making a point to be cohesive with cities and towns," stated Andrew Smith, Principal Transportation Planner "We have updated our Regionally Significant Routes corridor preservation map and sharing the information to obtain resolutions of support from the Councils throughout Pinal County. We also have completed a Draft Access Management Manual which we are currently conducting presentations to Councils as well."

Andersen added that Public Works 2017 schedule includes a traffic signal for Chandler Heights Road and Gantzel Road, Hunt Highway Phase three southbound lanes, beginning of Hunt Highway Phase four and the Ironwood Drive Safety Improvement Project.

"We have these projects and more for the upcoming year," Anderson stated. "All we ask is that people drive safely and keep a look out for our road maintenance crews."