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After Serving as an Animal Ambassador for Animal Care and Control; Dolly is Back Home

After a rough start when she arrived at Pinal County Animal Care and Control, a pit bull named 'Dolly' soon became a favorite for the shelter.

"She was picked up by one of our officers as a stray and very pregnant," Animal Care and Control Director Audra Michael explained. "Through the stress of everything she was going through she ended up losing the puppies and became very depressed."

The staff became concerned and brought the tan pit bull to the administrative office to keep an eye on her. Before too long, Dolly had found a role as Pinal County's Animal Ambassador.

"She just loved everyone," Michael said. "She was easy to care for, kennel trained and house broken. She just really stood out from many of the other dogs that came through our door."

Before long, Dolly became the face of pit bulls and of the Animal Care and Control Shelter.

"We ended up taking her to most of our meetings with the public, stated Michael. "She walked with us in Casa Grande's Electric Light Parade. I took her to the Women's Correctional Center and to events at schools to teach kids about the breed. She just ate up the attention she was given."

Two weeks ago, a couple spotted a picture of Dolly on the Animal Care and Control Facebook page. It looked very similar to a dog they lost two years ago.

"When we first got the call, we were skeptical," Michael said. "It is rare, extremely rare that someone would say 'hey, that's my dog' after losing it two years ago."

The couple came into Animal Care and Control's shelter on Eleven Mile Corner Road. After comparing photos the couple had of the pit bull, there was no doubt Dolly was indeed their dog named 'Tilt.'

"All of us were stunned," Michael said. "The couple had tears in their eyes. There was a very long pause. We had to ask them what they wanted to do with the dog."

The couple decided to pick up Dolly/Tilt, but on a trial basis considering they had another dog at home. After one week, the couple said both of the dogs got along and things were working out.

"She had become a huge part of the Pinal County family, there wasn't a dry eye in the place when she left," Michael said. "We have lost our ambassador and a great education dog, but we are happy she has her family back."

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