Pinal County 2018 Overview -

Pinal County 2018 Overview

Pinal County 2018 Overview

Pinal County has had a very busy 2018 with much of the accomplishments improving life in and immediately surrounding San Tan Valley.

Here is a brief recap of 2018:

  • The County signed Development Agreements during the last 2 weeks of December 2017 with 2 companies (Lucid Motors and Attesa Motorsports Complex) totaling $2.3 billion in capital investment and 3500 new employees with an average wage of $68k/annually. This is a great opportunity for those who live in San Tan Valley or move in to San Tan Valley to gain quality employment with reduced travel time to and from.
  • Pinal County has lowered property taxes for the last 2 years in a row, and expect to again in 2019.
  • Thanks to community involvement, improvements have been made and will continue to be made to the current utility system and it is closely being monitored by the Arizona Corporate Commissioners Office (ACC) as well as the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). Epcor has an interim manager has been doing great work to address customer concerns.
  • Incredible progress with transportation in and out of San Tan Valley has been made. Projects like Hunt Hwy, Meridian Road, Combs / Riggs, Gary Rd, Kenworthy, and Magma Road will help alleviate the current flow of traffic as well as sustain the future growth.  See road construction updates here.

In addition the Arizona Department of Administration released the following facts about Pinal County:

  • Current total workforce is 180,252 – record high
  • 2245 more workers added to the total workforce over last month
  • 4.6% current unemployment rate – last month was 4.7% (record low was 4.1% in May, 2018 and highest in October 2009 at 13.2%)
  • Current Arizona State average is 4.7% unemployment rate
  • Current 12.6% poverty rate – lowest in the State
  • Current total County population is 445,125
  • Current growth rate of 3.0% - highest in the State and one of the highest in the nation (About 13,500 new residents or more each year are moving into Pinal County.)

Find out what else is coming to San Tan Valley here.

Here's to a successful 2019 for all Pinal County residents!


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