Thirteen Dogs Removed from Maricopa Home -

Thirteen Dogs Removed from Maricopa Home

Thirteen Dogs Removed from Maricopa Home

Pinal County Animal Care and Control officers served a search warrant, with the assistance of the Maricopa Police Department, on a home in the 44000 block of Juniper Avenue in the City of Maricopa.

Investigation of citizen complaints led officers to seek a warrant. Execution of the warrant revealed 13 dogs living in the home, which was in deplorable conditions.

It was immediately evident all of the animals were in need of basic hygiene, such as nail clipping and baths to free dried feces and urine. Some of the dogs were in need of medical care for skin issues, underweight, and eye issues. The dogs were being kept in conditions that promote unnecessary suffering and posed a health risk to both human and animals.

The animals were immediately removed from the home and transported to the Animal Care and Control shelter in Casa Grande. The animals will be assessed by a veterinarian and the investigation is ongoing. The results of the investigation will be forwarded to the Pinal County Attorney's Office for further review and to see if charges are warranted.

"The animals rescued are various breeds, the owner failed to provide minimal standards of sanitation, space, nutrition, and veterinary care," stated Animal Care and Control Director Kaye Dickson. "The owner of the animals had a kennel permit with us at one time, but that permit had lapsed a couple of years ago. Last year we paid the owner a visit after we received complaints from neighbors regarding the odors and noise coming from the property. During that investigation, the owner voluntarily complied with clean up instructions and reduced the number of animals to an acceptable number. Since that time the owner has continued to accumulate and maintain a collection of animals in the face of progressively deteriorating conditions."

The owner voluntarily surrendered the animals. It is the intention of Animal Care and Control to place the animals for adoption as soon as possible.