CAC Cuts Tax Increase in Half -

CAC Cuts Tax Increase in Half

CAC Cuts Tax Increase in Half

In 2013 the Governing Board for Central Arizona College voted to increase their primary tax rate by almost 34% from the previous year's rate. After strong community backlash, the board decided to cut the tax increase in half. While the original increase would have added $55 to the property tax for a $100,000 home, the final increase was a $28 jump.

Fast forward two years and it appears that the Governing Board has repeated history. With a 4-1 vote last month, the Governing Board voted to increase the property tax by $85 per $100,000, a 45.4% increase. Again after community backlash which this time includes a current recall effort and a complaint filed with the Attorney General's office alleging the Governing Board violated opening meeting laws, the Governing Board held a special meeting last night, June 9th, and decided to cut the increase in half resulting in an increase of only $39 per $100,000.

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According to a press release sent out this morning from Central Arizona College, since 2006, CAC has seen a reduction of 80% in state funding, which now makes up less than 10% of the total budget. During the most recent legislative session, community college districts across the state lost funding. Pinal County's college district however did receive additional funds from the state that other districts did not, although it was about one million dollars less than last year.

During a recall meeting last week, Rep Vince Leach shared that for every $1 the state legislature has taken away, CAC has given themselves $5. The tax increase would have originally brought in more than $18 million in extra revenue. With the cut voted on last night, CAC will still be able to collect more than $9 million in extra revenue, to help offset the $1 million cut from the legislature.