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Letter to the Editor: PROP 416 & 417 & Life Quality Service

Now we have Propositions 416 & 417. Wasn't there a one half cent sales tax for transportation improvement approved in the late 1980's. What happened to these funds, and what improvements were made in Pinal County?

I want to say upfront I'm undecided on voting for a tax increase to fund infrastructure improvement. I need to feel comfortable that all essential requirements (infrastructure as well as quality of life) in the County are addressed. I would like to understand some of the planned improvements and involvement by outside entities. You are already familiar with the following issues but I'm addressing them here again.

I see that the town of QC and Schnepf Farms have had input into the planning. Why are the two entities involved? Queen Creek is not doing anything to benefit Pinal County or STV. QC has annexed Pinal County/STV properties depriving Pinal County/STV of tax revenue. QC appears to be allowing construction of Automobile Dealerships and other business to build at Empire and Ellsworth. This type of commercial construction will be destroying the DARK SKIES of STV which drew many residence to the area. I'm not opposed to commercial construction, but it needs to be in a favorable residential way. You can follow the discussion on this activity both Pro and Con on the Next Door web site. I don't see anything positive from the QC involvement with this project. Keep in mind that STV residence have been very supportive of QC. A vast majority of STV residence have been shopping in QC for years, the sales tax revenue from STV residence easily funded over 55 percent of the new QC Town complex.

Will QC and Schnepf Farms contribute anything to the infrastructure effort? Queen Creek needs to start working with and assisting Pinal County/STV in improving the livability of the area instead of just benefiting from tax revenue from STV and stealing taxable property from STV.

Looking at “THE PLAN” that was mailed to Pinal County residents, I see a lot of road improvements, but nothing supporting the roads in the STV area, and nothing being addressed improves the QC roads in and out of STV. I see the SR24 improvement that only provides minor support to STV, but will assist QC in their Pinal County/STV land grab, and a benefit to Apache Junction (AJ).

San Tan Valley has the largest population in Pinal County and has almost double the population of any other community in the county as well as QC. Road construction is included in Superior, Kearny, Mammoth these communities may need road improvement (what happened to the tax revenues approved in the 1980's), but STV also is in need of infrastructure improvements.

As you know STV has been denied infrastructure and County funds for improvements due to the fact that STV is not an incorporated community (Florence, AJ, and other entities have blocked this effort) the funds that should have benefited STV were graciously taken by Florence to benefit the remainder of the county.

I see benefit to improvements for Maricopa, Casa Granda areas due to the envisioned industrial and commercial development, but don't really see a benefit from the Florence improvement other than a pat on the back by County Officials saying look at what we have done for Florence, and it being the County seat.

With the issue of Johnson Utilities (JU). The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has been aware of sufficient issue with Mr. Johnson and his Utility company for years, but have chosen to ignore the problem. The Board has allowed Mr. Johnson to do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants with the Boards knowledge and blessing. Customers have been over billed for usage with their water meter showing impossibly high usage as well as JU Well water Contamination. Excessive usage billing was again identified in the last few days by the water bill for Mr. Steve Pena, of Florence. His usage had been approximately 3,000 gallons a month, but a few month age consumption had started to increase, his attempt to work with JU was unsuccessful. Johnson Utilities ensure him that there were no issue with his water meter, a plumber had check his water lines and not found any leaks. Low and behold his most recent water bill was for 24,000 gallons of water. Again JU would not acknowledge any issues with his water service and he was responsible to pay the full usage bill. There is an article on SANTANVALLEY.COM with a video of his water meter running wild with no water turned on in his yard or house. Mr. Johnson has publicly attacked individuals within STV and publicly run a scare campaign against STV incorporating again using the County as a information resource. Negative articles are and have been run online and on news channels that continue to be related to issues with JU.

Johnson Utilities appear to be immune to any legal action by Pinal County, that is evidenced by the County action on the allowable $1,250,000 fine that was unbelievably reduced to $20,000 by the Board of Supervisors.

The federal indictment against Mr. Johnson that includes the ACC and will most likely ultimately include Pinal County Officials, is to involved to even attempt to address here.

When are you as the Chairman of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, the Board of Supervisors, and all Pinal Officials going to start representing all the citizens of Pinal County, which includes STV. This support should include favorable interface for the future incorporated area currently known as STV. Pinal County representatives should support all of the County, and favorable Pinal County and residence interface with Queen Creek and other communities.


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