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Incumbents...Take Notice....because We, the People, have put you On Notice

Incumbents...Take Notice....because We, the People, have put you On Notice

Incumbents are accountable as of NOW - ask everyone who is contemplating running again the following:

  • You have had 4 years - what are the top five measurable accomplishments you can claim for each year? (it would seem that 20 things aren't all that hard to come up with for any incumbent worth re-electing)
  • You have been entrusted with fiduciary accountability - name 5 things you have done for each year in office that have saved the taxpayer money - (and the exact non-fuzzy amounts need to be given).
  • You have been paid by us, the taxpayer for 4 years - how many hours have you put in to public service? Show your mileage, show your calendars - be transparent! We deserve no less!
  • You have been in office for 4 years, what is the opinion of you by your direct reports? Do you ask your assistant to get your dry gifts for your family? What do your peers think of you? Do you "crow" more than you deliver? Show us what you have accomplished and what you have planned.
  • If we find out that you have gamed the system - playing the shell game with position creation, playing the shell game with phony will be found out....and all the dirty laundry will be aired long before, before you are embarrassed by the legacy you have forged...think LONG AND HARD before tossing your hat in the ring again.
  • Just to show your honesty- admit to the voters, what gaffes have you made in four years, what would you do differently if you could go back in time?
  • How many scandalous headlines have your brought to your job? Have you been an embarrassment to the taxpayer or are you a servant leader who has maintained humility over headlines?
  • What are the top 5 issues of your electorate? how are you basing your selections? Show your research on your electorate - your polling.
  • How many taxpayer concerns have you or your assistants handled in four years? Share your protocol with us - share the numbers - give us some references we can call...just like we do with other service people we employ.....because you are NO DIFFERENT.
  • Are you still trumpeting events more than 5 years old? That's pretty pathetic and has no bearing on now....what have you done for us LATELY? (no resting on laurels!!!)
  • And - FINALLY - how many times have you reached out to your constituency? How many times have you said "NO" when it was not popular to do so? How many times have you taken off work early or not shown up at all? How many times did you self-promote before taking care of the business of your constituency? How many times did you stand up against forces who use money and power to silence truths in your district?
  • Did you use your position to get out of tickets? To avoid convictions? Did you try to not have the law apply to you as it does to every one of your constituents? Did you ever use the sentence, "Don't you know who I am?!"
  • Do you associate with shady people? Do you take sticky money from people who will extract favors of you later?
  • Do you grandstand? Do you manufacture news? Do you do what's right when you have the opportunity to bend the rules?

If you can't survive the Constituency Challenge...don't bother running. DON'T EXPECT US TO BE DUMB AND UNINFORMED! We will not tolerate platitudes about non-measurable "achievements." Every debate and every public appearance is going to be a call for honesty and transparency....believe us, there's a new energy and a blazing burning desire to get rid of people who don't do what we elected you to do.

We are watching this time...and the "same ol' same ol'" just ain't gonna work anymore. Take notice because we....the PEOPLE...are placing you on notice.

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Saturday, 13 July 2024

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