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I’m demanding that Jim Walsh, a SB 1070 opponent, recuse himself from defense of the law

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Walsh is on record attacking SB 1070 and “welcoming” the lawsuit against it; he has a clear conflict of interest in representing the people of Pinal County.  It is outrageous that Jim Walsh, who said that he seriously, doubted the constitutionality of SB 1070 and “welcomed” the legal assaults on SB 1070, is now trying to convince Pinal county citizens that he can be trusted to vigorously defend the law.

Imagine that you hire an attorney.  After agreeing to represent you as your attorney, your attorney turns to the public and declares that he “welcomes” a lawsuit against you because he knows that you will lose and the loss will put you in your place!  Nobody would hire that kind of attorney.  Hiring that kind of attorney equates to the old adage of using a screen door on a submarine.  You will sink.

Today, Judge Susan Bolton is set to hear arguments on the request by opponents of Senate Bill 1070 to be granted a class action status in challenging the law.  Both Jim Walsh and Sheriff Paul Babeu are named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by the type of liberal special interest groups that Walsh is friendly with.  But that does not mean Walsh must continue to play a role in the legal defense.  After all, Walsh publicly welcomed this lawsuit against himself and the Sheriff, and essentially the residents of Pinal County, even though the result could prove financially devastating to the State of Arizona.

When I am elected County Attorney, Pinal County will have someone who enforces laws against illegal immigration, unlike Walsh who sides with the ACLU, who is providing the attorneys in this lawsuit in attacking them.  I will fulfill this job as a career prosecutor, who is trained to avoid the left and right of politics, but to look at the right or wrong of the behavior: unlike Walsh who got appointed this job as a reward for his lifetime service to partisan democrat politics and very liberal political interests.

Law enforcement work is only partially effective and cops need the help of a trained prosecutor who agrees with strict enforcement of all the laws.  Right now, there are two major problems with the current County Attorney’s handling of cases.  First, there are dramatically too many cases that the County Attorney’s Office just refuses to prosecute.  Second, if the current County Attorney’s Office accepts a case, there are far too many instances that the case will be pled out and this sends the wrong message to both criminals and victims.  This irresponsible method of prosecuting undermines law and order.

Considering the comments that Mr. Walsh made about SB 1070, there is actually a third major problem with the current County Attorney’s handling of cases, which arises in this conflict of interest that Walsh now has as he simulates representation of his client, in this lawsuit.  In response to these 3 major problems, and wanting to support victims’ rights, I’ve joined forces with Sheriff Paul to fight crime, seek justice and protect our Pinal families.  Clearly, we need a prosecutor - NOT a politician as our county attorney.  Imagine what can be accomplished with a pro-active Sheriff and tough prosecutor, a prosecutor who backs our law enforcement and brings a heavy hand against the criminals.  Crime will be reduced, victims shall receive justice and our county will be far safer.

Leaving this job in the hands of a partisan politician who opposes Sheriff Paul’s efforts and “welcome’s” this lawsuit against him, now sets us all up to sink.  Mr. Walsh should recuse himself from this lawsuit.

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Sunday, 19 May 2024

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