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Letter to the Editor: Whose Circus?

Letter to the Editor: Whose Circus?

Mr. Lewis of Gold Canyon wrote (4/17/2017):

“... The Democrats have shown that even in this age-old tradition (Supreme Court nominations) they must have their way”.

I believe Mr. Lewis conveniently forgot the nearly year-long hold for the nomination of a Supreme Court replacement of Justice Scalia by the Republicans. Just who was getting “their way” then?

This action last year, by the GOP, showed a level of “disrespect for our elected officials” that was unprecedented in the history of our country. Now we have a GOP that, having total control, feel they can do whatever they want. With the lifetime position such as a Supreme Court Justice you would think it appropriate for there to be a solid super majority approval and not just a simple 51% partisan vote. This will render this third branch of government even more partisan than it is now and eventually destroy whatever checks and balances left within our constitutional government.

Our senators, while talking tough against Trump’s policies, vote 100% his way. That doesn’t sound very “grown up” to me.

In fact, Senator John McCain ranted about the heavy handed approach of the nuclear option but then just turned around and voted to accept it, following his party’s leadership.

It’s called hypocrisy Mr. Lewis, not “grown up” or respectful of our democratic principles.