Combs Middle School Science Fair May 15th

Combs Middle School Science Fair May 15th
Combs Middle School Science Fair May 15th

Combs Middle School 8th grade students have been working to create their own science project this semester. As they have progressed with their work, the middle school science teachers have assisted the students as they have worked through the various steps of the project.

During the inquiry process, the students practice their inquiry skills of creating testable questions, do appropriate research, create a testable hypothesis, and design/conduct step-by-step procedures to accept or reject their hypothesis. The project encompasses all subject areas as students must perform measurements, write detailed conclusions, and communicate their results through both writing and verbal presentation.

Mr. Jonathan Spray, CMS Science Teacher, shared, “Each year teachers challenge our 8th grade students to use their knowledge of the scientific inquiry process to design a controlled investigation on a topic of interest for their science fair projects. These various steps allow students to explore and develop their science curiosities as they work through their challenge of developing an experiment based on a set of observations.”

The middle school would like to commend the 8th graders for the outstanding work they have done.

Projects will be on display at 6:00 pm in the CMS cafeteria on Monday, May 15th.

Students have the opportunity to earn the following recognition:

  • 1st Place ($50 and a trophy)
  • 2nd Place ($25 and a trophy)
  • 3rd Place ($15 and a trophy)
  • Most Creative Display ($5 and a certificate)
  • Most Creative Topic ($5 and a certificate)

The school community is welcome to visit the wonderful projects that will be on display on this evening.

“Good Luck” to the students whose experiments will be displayed at the Science Fair!