Air Force JROTC Fits Perfectly with Poston Butte's S.T.E.M Diploma

Air Force JROTC Fits Perfectly with Poston Butte's S.T.E.M Diploma
Air Force JROTC Fits Perfectly with Poston Butte's S.T.E.M Diploma

Poston Butte High School was awarded the prestigious Air Force JROTC Program at the end of the 2016 school year. The US Air Force is one of the rarest JROTC Programs in the county and fits perfectly with the S.T.E.M. Diploma Program at Poston Butte.

The program has already surpassed 100 students, in only the first few weeks of school and is continuing to grow. Offering a rigorous course load, this program includes Aerospace Engineering, Leadership Training, and Health and Wellness. 

Sergeant Melton said of the program’s long term goals, “One of the major goals the JROTC Program at PBHS has, is to continue to expand and grow in numbers. The goal is to one day have a cross town agreement with other local high schools to allow their students to attend the JROTC program here. This would allow us to help produce the future citizens of this community.”

She went on to say, “The goal of the JROTC program is to build better citizens for the future. Students build skills in leadership, self-confidence and discipline that will help them long after high school. These are the types of qualities that employers look for in their future employees. Even students that are shy and quiet learn from these skills and it helps transform them into confident young adults.”

Principal Eddie Lopez, when discussing the school-wide impact of this program said, “We are grateful to have the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps ( AFJROTC) at Poston Butte High School. The mission of the program is to instill service, responsibility and values of citizenship among our students. Students that are in this program will be able to be educated and trained in these lifelong fundamentals that all students need in their life. We are grateful to partner with this program which will allow many of our students the opportunity to join and experience this program; the only one offered in the San Tan Valley area.”