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Student Approached by Stranger in White Van

Hello parents.

This message is being sent on behalf of the Magma Ranch Administrative Team.

Late yesterday afternoon the Team was advised that, while on the way to the bus stop before school, a student was approached by a stranger in a white van.

It was reported that this happened on N Muscovite Drive in the Bella Vista South neighborhood.

Mrs. Hendry notified the District Office, the Transportation Department, the Bus Driver and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

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Stop Vehicle Theft in It's Tracks

According to the FBI’s 2012 Uniform Crime Report, there were 19,158 stolen vehicles in Arizona. The Arizona Automobile Theft Authority (AATA) recommends “Layered Protection” to prevent auto thefts. If a thief has to work hard to get your car, that may prevent it from being stolen.

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SRP impersonator scamming AZ businesses out of money

A man pretending to be a Salt River Project (SRP) employee is trying to scam businesses in Arizona, according to police.

The Chandler Police Department said the man is calling businesses, saying he's from SRP and telling them their power bill is past due.

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Smoke alarms keeping you up at night?

The cooler weather is often a much-needed relief from the typical Arizona summer, but with the changing temperatures comes, a spike in Smoke Alarm Assistance calls for fire departments everywhere. As the temperatures drop and residents start to open their windows for the first time in months or turn on their heaters, smoke alarms pickup particles of dust as smoke and can activate. The fire department is often called out to homes were residents have changed the batteries in the smoke alarms and yet they are still chirping or going off.

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Shoppers: Be Alert to Thieves!

One of artist Paul Landau’s specialties is his photographic capture of hummingbirds.

One evening recently, I received a most upsetting phone call. My wife was calling me on her cell phone to inform me that while she was shopping in a local store, someone had stolen her wallet containing some cash, credit cards, driver’s license, debit card and the usual out of her purse. (Fortunately, she does not carry her social security card in her possession). She was understandably very distraught, had informed the store management and was at the police station in the process of filing a police report.

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Think Before You Shop: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle During Holidays

Americans produce 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than they do at all other times of the year. Much of that waste is the direct result of holiday festivities. Items such as gift wrap, shipping materials and packaging, holiday cards, and disposable dinnerware from holiday parties all end up in landfills. The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), in cooperation with its Solid Waste Advisory Committee and the Valleywide Recycling Partnership, has produced a series of short educational videos designed to inform residents how to reduce holiday trash. The videos are being released just in time for “America Recycles Day” Nov. 15 (the Town will be hosting a Nov. 16 event) and in time for the holiday season.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

Each year numerous injuries and fires occur as a result of unsafe cooking practices.  Frying a turkey can be very dangerous and should be done under very controlled conditions.   

Don’t cook beyond your comfort level!  Turkey frying is dangerous and can result in injury and property loss.  

The majority of reported incidents occurred while the oil was being heated, prior to adding the turkey. For this reason, it is very important consumers monitor the temperature of the oil closely. If any smoke at all is noticed coming from a heating pot of oil, the burner should be turned off immediately because the oil is overheated. 

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Terry Goddard Warns Consumers About Storm Repair Scams

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard

(Phoenix, Ariz.) Attorney General Terry Goddard is warning Arizonans to be wary of unsolicited contractors coming to your door and offering help with repairs or clean-up related to this week's strong storms across Arizona.

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Synthetic Cannabis: Info and Updates

Spice, K2, Genie, Ultra, Summit, Blonde, Yucatan Gold, Bombay Blue, Black Mamba: These exotic sounding names are just a few of the many brands of synthetic cannabinoids that are showing up in our community and around the nation. They are marketed as herbal incense and labeled "not for human consumption," but the products are usually purchased by teenagers and young adults who smoke the herbal/chemical blends to achieve a high that is similar to marijuana or hashish.

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You Can't Hear the Baby Rattlesnakes But They're Here

Baby rattlesnakes will be extremely active over the next several months as more and more are born during Arizona's monsoon season.  Not only are baby snakes smaller and more difficult to see than adult rattlesnakes, but they haven't yet developed their rattle which can add to the likelihood of unpleasant surprises.

In addition to being silent, baby rattlesnakes are found in unexpecting places such as in leaf skimmers, pool filters, or even on porches.

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Use Pleasant Spring Weekends to Save Your Home from Fire Risk, Become Firewise

Spring rains contribute to the growth of brush and weeds in our yards and in the open desert.  Higher temperatures will dry the weeds, tumbleweeds and desert brush and what was formerly green and beautiful becomes fuel for fierce wildfires.  By becoming Firewise,* you can protect your home and your community.  

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UPDATE: Sex Offender Notification - San Tan Valley - LEVEL 2 - Shagawa

Andriya Musas Shagawa Level 2 Sex Offender

Name: Andriya Musas Shagawa

Comments: In 2001, 27 yoa male offender engaged in sexual activity with a 14yoa female acquaintance.

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This monsoon season, drivers are reminded to 'Pull Aside, Stay Alive'

The Arizona Department of Transportation has a message for motorists who think they can recklessly drive head-on into a dust storm: “Pull Aside, Stay Alive.”

Following the successful launch of last year’s public awareness campaign, ADOT is intensifying its efforts to educate drivers about the threat of dust storms as monsoon season officially begins in Arizona on June 15. ADOT, along with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service, has reactivated its “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” public awareness campaign, including television and radio public-education announcements, to educate drivers about what to do (and what not to do) when they encounter dust storms.

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Think safety when using fireworks

With Independence Day quickly approaching, it is legal to purchase and use certain types of fireworks within the state of Arizona. The consumer fireworks that are legal in Arizona are as follows: ground and hand-held sparkling devices; cylindrical fountains; illuminating torches; wheels; ground spinners; flitter sparklers; toy smoke devices; wire sparklers; and dipped sticks. 

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Back to School Food Safety

With our children going back to school over the past month, a lot of parents and caregivers are thinking about the best ways to provide a healthy lunch for school children. The Pinal County Public Health Services District would like to remind everyone to follow some simple food safety guidelines to help keep your family safe from foodborne illness.

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Sex Offender Notification - San Tan Valley - LEVEL 2 - QUINN

Richard Taylor Quinn IV Level 2 Sex Offender

Name: Richard Taylor Quinn IV, Level 2

Offense: Offender was convicted of Lewd and Lacivious Acts with a Child under 14 in San Diego County, California in 1998. Offender sexually abused a 10 year olf female, a 9 year old female and a 5 year olf female known to him. Offender was convicted by military court martial of Indecent Liberties with a Child in 1994. Offender sexually abused an 11 year old female known to him

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Sex Offender Notification - San Tan Valley - LEVEL 2 - Juarez

Aaron Juarez Level 2 Sex Offender

Name: Aaron Juarez

Offense:  In 2012 offender sexually assaulted a 17 year old female known to him while holding her against her will.

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Fraud/Scam Alert from Casa Grande Police Dept

Randy Thompson - 35 years old, 5’11” tall, 165 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes

Beware of a recent trend of scammers who claim to be dent removal experts, but take your money and run.

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Summer Safety – Unatttended in a Car


With temperatures soaring over 110 degrees, Rural/Metro Fire Department has seen a dramatic increase in the number of children and pets that have been locked inside unattended vehicles. Please do your part this summer to stop these preventable and tragic emergencies.

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Drivers are reminded to 'Pull Aside, Stay Alive' this monsoon season

Where will you be when the dust settles?

That’s a question the Arizona Department of Transportation is asking motorists this year as another summer monsoon season begins.

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