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Letter to the Editor: Thank you Rural Metro

Last evening I unfortunately had to call for help two times.  My husband has dementia and wasn't injured but fell twice.

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Letter to the Editor: Pinal County residents have much for which to be grateful

Following our recent election, as 2018 draws to a close it is not an exaggeration to say that Pinal County residents have much for which to be grateful.

Despite illogical political reward to candidates who fail to represent one’s best interests, we’ve generally survived the over-heated campaigns.

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Letter to the Editor: I do not support annexation by Queen Creek

This is in reference to Encanterra Annexation (Case No. P18-0103). I am a resident of Encanterra and I do not support annexation by Queen Creek.

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Letter to the Editor: Tell the ACC No More Homes Until JU Issues Resolved


TODAY, Monday October 15, 2018 the ACC is going to be voting on if, or how they intend to handle developers that want to build new homes.

The ACC needs to hear from you!

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Letter to the Editor: Education in San Tan Valley

A few months ago, during the Education Demonstration, I wrote an Op Ed piece talking about funding schools with a real testimony from the perspective of an educator, the spouse of an educator and the son of an educator. After much has settled and a 10% "raise" was issued, I think its important to expand on this testimony.

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Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Annexation by Queen Creek

We did not ask for nor do we choose to be annexed into Queen Creek. We are a large and increasing number of residents living in a development named Encanterra located in unincorporated San Tan Valley close to the southeastern border of Queen Creek. On May 3, 2018, a handful of residents living in Encanterra took it upon themselves to make a preliminary application with the Town of Queen Creek to annex Encanterra as well as other adjacent farmland, Fry’s Marketplace, and the medical plaza on the Encanterra side of Gantzel Road. Later on June 5, this same group filed a formal application for this purpose. Subsequently, the annexation map was revised two more times, each time eliminating some of the adjacent land until it included only Encanterra.

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Letter to the Editor: Bad Move Commissioner Justin Olson

Private water utilities have been provided a tax refund due to the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2018, but Global Water’s Maricopa customers aren’t getting the full amount they deserve. Their tax savings have been reduced to only a one-time bill credit for the tax credits of their January through September 2018 bills.

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Letter to the Editor: What We Can Learn from Kavanaugh

Due to recent events in the media I feel compelled to share a few thoughts about a point that continues to be overlooked due to partisan politics. I am not looking to be judge or jury, nor am I looking for comments about Kavenaugh vs Ford, rather I am hoping my singular point is thought provoking and enlightening.

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Letter to the Editor: Calling on Virginia Ross to Resign

The vote for Justice Precinct 6 (Apache Junction/Gold Canyon/STV) indicates a 13 vote separation between myself and Mr. Doug Coleman. The problem isn't the votes that have been cast and count - rather, it's the votes which were not. Both Early Mail-In ballots and Provisional Ballots cast at the polling place (for voters whose names, addresses, or polling places differ to any degree from the records) are subject to verification and may be rejected. These ballots can be restored by contacting the voters and having affidavits signed.

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Letter to the Editor: It's time for a Thorough Audit of PCSO

During County Sheriff Paul Babeu’s administration this member of the public frequently raised questions about the Sheriff’s exploitation of Pinal County taxpayers and our county’s public resources.

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Letter to the Editor: Support the Appointment of an Interim Manager for Johnson Utilities

Now is the time to contact the Arizona Corporation Commission and voice your opinion in support of the appointment of an interim manager for Johnson Utilities.

Tell the commissioners to vote FOR the appointment of an interim manager.

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Letter to the Editor: Say YES to Interim Manager but No to QC & Florence

Town of QC Council approved an IGA (intergovernmental agreement) with Florence to "act as regional partners" and will be requesting that the ACC designate them as the interim manager for JU. Florence voted and approved the agreement this past Friday and the request was submitted to the ACC.

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Letter to the Editor: QC & Florence should not become Interim Manager of JU

Recent developments have revealed the Town of Queen Creek and Town of Florence entering into an intergovernmental agreement to apply for the interim manager position for Johnson Utilities. We, as San Tan Valley residents, have serious concerns about such an appointment coming to fruition.

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An Interim Manipulator by any another name still stinks on ice

Does Johnson Utilities need a lot of improvement? Yes, beyond any doubt. Is an “Interim” Manager needed? Could well be the determination, but EXTREME CAUTION is vital as an ACC determination of a need for imposed outside management will have consequences. Such a determination would demonstrate the ACCs conviction that Johnson Utilities is too influential, too entrenched, too well connected, and too incompetent and or corrupt for ACC regulation to do what they exist to do, insure that all utility monopolies provide all customers within the monopoly’s prescribed boundaries with equal access to adequate utilities at an extensively vetted and justified fair rate.

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Letter to the Editor: Betrayed by Queen Creek


By the town of Queen Creek for overriding the will and ignoring the desires of the people of the truly rural areas.

Their current land grab mentality is truly distressing.

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Letter to the Editor: We have a civic and moral responsibility

Candor compels this County resident to observe that a detectable whiff of corruption in the air is not just an odoriferous current drifting across the country and into our pristine locality from the Trump-infused Washington swamp.

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Letter to the Editor: Simply Put, Queen Creek Is the Enemy

The folks living in the unincorporated San Tan Foothills Rural Community (STFRC) are in the unenviable position of sharing an extended border with the Town of Queen Creek and therefore our two communities must interact on a variety of issues. The idea of working together for the greater good died a bitter death long ago when QC abandoned a good neighbor policy for one of self-promotion at all cost. Recent projects like the Box Canyon development and the annexation of the Ellsworth Curve demonstrate that QC is no longer interested in that “small town feel”, nor does it support the rural lifestyle. Yes, the mayor and town council carry out a charade, but when we in the rural areas now hear “Let’s cooperate” from QC, it is only in the context of what is good for QC. Its goal is to grow into the new “South Gilbert” at the expense of everyone else in the immediate vicinity.

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Letter to the Editor: Queen Creek needs more tax revenue and they’re looking at San Tan Valley to get it.

San Tan Valley is a rapidly growing community currently over 100,00 residents. For over a decade now its future has been decided by other communities smaller than itself. STV is once again immersed in a battle by a small subset of folks making decisions for the entire San Tan Valley area.

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Letter to the Editor: I want the future of San Tan Valley to thrive

I am a resident in unincorporated San Tan Valley but my mailing address is Queen Creek 85142 and not considered a “QC” resident. I was raised here in the San Tan mountains and have been a home owner in San Tan for 2.5 years.

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Letter to the Editor: Traffic Signal with a turn signal at Gary & Empire Road

I've forwarded a response provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT) to my Pinal County Board of Supervisor and his Administration. Looking forward from hearing from my elected officials.

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