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When the goin’ gets tough


As predicted in Que Pasa? last week, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is dropping out of the Congressional race and lowering his sights to reelection as your sheriff.

Babeu and his spokespeople spent the majority of last week denying reports he would quit the Congressional race, but as the sun rose Friday morning, Babeu’s aspirations of being a Congressman sank out of sight as he was forced to face the obvious.

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Wage laws hurt young and poor

President Obama this year has been mak­ing noise about wanting to hike the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour and then in­dexing the wage to inflation. That means the hourly wage would go up every time the cost of living goes up.

The latest Gallup poll finds that over 75 percent of Americans would support raising the hourly minimum wage to $9. Voters in New Jersey backed up that data earlier this month when they voted to raise the Garden State’s minimum wage to $8.25 and tie future increases to inflation.

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Voyles: Letter to the Editor

The core function of the Pinal County Attorney’s Office is to administer justice and I remain humbled to serve as your Pinal County Attorney.  I continue to restore justice for victims and to prosecute the most dangerous and violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

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“Most Qualified” Constable

There is a Constable Candidate that makes the self proclamation that they are the “Most Qualified” Candidate in their ads. While I strongly disagree with that statement, I am curious why a Candidate thinks you (the voter) are not smart enough to make that determination for yourself and that they must tell you they are the “Most Qualified” Candidate.

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‘Letter to the Editor’ from Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles re: RICO Funds

I thank all of our community leaders who appeared at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting held on May 28. With your leadership and through your dedication, you serve our communities well and work every single day to provide our youth and families with a promising future.

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Your Constable Vote will Determine the Credibility of our Court

The constable position is one of the most misunderstood elected positions because it's duties vary from state to state. Arizona Constables serve legal process for the Justice Court.

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You are to be admired for your leadership role in this Community, Tisha

I was thinking about you Tisha. I was thinking back to 2007 when you were so enthusiastic about the new Chamber of Commerce you were building upon out here in STV. You were instrumental in my decision to join.

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Writer: Walsh has done an excellent job for county

I have received robo-calls from the Babeu campaign attacking Jim Walsh, our Pinal County attorney. Not only are these calls possibly a violation of campaign laws but the very nature of the unfounded accu­sations and lies shows the gutter level of pol­itics Mr. Babeu practices.

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Writer compares candidates for Legislative District 8

Ms. Barbara McGuire, while as a state representative, worked to improve state and local economies; mining opportunities, cre­ate jobs; improve education; quality of life issues and provided responsive government not just “political glad handing.” She knows the intricacies of the political process and how to get things done across the political parties.

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With Current Staffing Levels I Can No Longer Fulfill Promise of Faster Emergency Response Times

Our population continues to grow in Pinal County, even in a down economy. New families are relocating in the faster growing cities of Maricopa and Casa Grande, yet it doesn't compare to unincorporated San Tan Valley. The 2010 census counts 81,321 San Tan residents and current estimates show 90,000 or more.

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Willie, Walsh and the Law

Executive Privilege is in the news. The President took a drastic step yesterday. He invoked privilege to not enforce the law, and no other agency or branch of government can intervene!

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Why would Dr. Fuller take Mr Allee away??

I discovered yesterday that it was announced at my children's school, Walker Butte K-8, that Dr. Fuller would be moving our principal, Mr. Allee, to Florence K-8.  The reason given was he was needed there to strengthen that school.   The information was only given to the staff, and I found out through a friend that works there (I will not mention any names so I do not get anyone in trouble) However, I expect that on Monday the entire community will find out.

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Johnson Utilities Thinks We're A Dangerous Faction?!

Now we are being called a dangerous faction?

In this month's utility bill, San Tan Valley residents received another politically motivated "newsletter". Once again, our utility provider whose sole purpose is to provide our community with safe and clean water, has misinterpreted our mission and polluted their newsletter with misinformation.

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Incumbents...Take Notice....because We, the People, have put you On Notice

Incumbent Public Servants...are you ready to take the Constituent Challenge?

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Give San Tan Valley the Right to Vote on Whether or Not to Incorporate.

We believe the residents of San Tan Valley should have the right to vote on whether or not they wish to incorporate. This is NOT an incorporation issue. This is a RIGHT TO VOTE issue.

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Just Ironwood

I'd like to find out how to get this "confusion" changed, I'm speaking of the Ironwood/Gantzel confusion.

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Glad to See that the Town of Florence has Chosen to do the Right Thing

I am glad to see that the town of Florence has chosen to do the right thing and rescind their annexation ordinances.

Most of the people who followed the facts of the case and examined the requirements of the law did not think Florence had any choice but to rescind the ordinances. Apparently, so did the town of Florence.

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“Write-In” Shon White for Constable


Election Day is upon us, and the future of Pinal County and the shape it will take will start to be known in only a matter of hours.

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Pinal Truth Squad versus THE TRUTH

Members of PCSO K-9 are from left to right: Eric Berner and Aries, Daniel Richerson and Nauro, James Rimmer and Aza, Ashton Shewey and Kelly, Stan Jackon and Bikkel, Travis Williams and Russ. Not pictured are Dan McLean and LJ.

By now many of you will have received news of Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn’s latest endeavor: The Pinal Truth Squad - Martyn’s website attempts to play judge and jury against both Johnson Utilities and George Johnson personally for unproven allegations by unnamed individuals.   Martyn’s endeavor, according to paperwork filed with the government, is backed by Curis’ lobbying group whose offices were just raided by the Attorney General and the FBI. The name of Martyn’s current game is this:  DISTRACTION!

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“No” on Prop 115

Under Prop 115, The Legislature May Hold Hearings to Investigate Judges Whose Opinions They Don’t Like.

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