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Letter to the Editor: A Big Day for San Tan Valley

Governor Doug Ducey signed HB2088 on Feb 21st, 2017, a tremendous victory for all of us! Unfortunately we had to not only wait for the legislative session to end, but we had to wait an additional 90 days before HB2088 became law (along with hundreds of other bills).

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Letter to the Editor: Dale Jr. Retirement

My name is Jacob Cohen, and I am 16 years old. Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced his retirement from NASCAR in April of this year.

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Letter to the Editor: Road Construction

My name is Joshua Cohen, and I am 14 years old. As part of my requirements for the Communications merit badge, I have to write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.

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Letter to the Editor: Florence Copper Project

The Florence copper project: I am a twelve year old Boy Scout, and for one of my merit badges, I needed to attend a public meeting such as a town council meeting.

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Letter to the Editor: Senator McCain's Confused Role in Comey Hearings

Thursday's Senate Intelligence Committee hearing held to hear from former FBI Director James Comey, dramatically illustrated Arizona Senator John McCain's troubling state of diminished discernment.

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Letter to the Editor: BOS - Stop Rezoning San Tan Valley

BOS - Stop Rezoning San Tan Valley

Wednesday, June 7th, was a very busy morning. Not only was an infamous utility company owner being arraigned in federal court, but the Pinal County Board of Supervisors was also meeting and some items on that agenda were troubling to say the least. As I could only be in one place at a time, I sent the following letter to the Board of Supervisors to be read into the record. Unfortunately, while the letter was mentioned that it had been received, the letter was not read at the meeting. As a result, I am posting the letter here for anyone who may be interested in reading what it said.

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Memorial Day

I met a woman at the store the other day and we started chatting. During conversation I asked what she had planned this weekend. She told me that every year her family gets together (on Memorial Day) for a BBQ, swimming and talks about her grandmother. I asked if her grandmother was in the military and from the expression on her face you would have thought I asked her if her grandmother was a goat.

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Letter to the Editor: Reflections on Arizona reactions in historic Presidential crises.

Then, 43 years ago, President Nixon’s criminal actions drew a visit to Nixon’s office by Arizona’s Senator Barry Goldwater and House Republican Leader John Rhodes. A day later, Richard Nixon announced his resignation.

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Letter to the Editor: San Tan Foothills and the Coming Assault on Suburban Ranch Zoning

There sure is a lot going on as this economy begins to rebound. The development industry is coming off the ropes, shaking off the dust from a long dry spell and is now heading off to make as much money as it can during this upswing in the business cycle. That tells me we need to be aware the San Tan Foothills (STF) is in the cross hairs for proposals to change zoning and increase densities on our remaining open spaces.

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Letter to the Editor: Thanks for being rural

To the rural people in and around Queen Creek, I wanted to thank you all for maintaining your rural lifestyle for which many of us moved here.

It is a shame that the Queen Creek Town Council gave in to greed and uncontrolled development. The small town feel that the town touted is almost gone.

The town promised years ago to maintain the rural lifestyle for it’s residents, but this promise seems to have been lost.

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Letter to the Editor: Tax break for veterans?

How veteran-friendly is Pinal County?

Friendly enough to consider a property tax break for veterans or service-connected disabled veterans?

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Letter to the Editor: Whose Circus?

Mr. Lewis of Gold Canyon wrote (4/17/2017):

“... The Democrats have shown that even in this age-old tradition (Supreme Court nominations) they must have their way”.

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Letter to the Editor: Save the Mexican Gray Wolf

Senator Flake has, once again introduced a bill (S 368) which would drive the Mexican Gray Wolf to extinction.

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Another PCSO Employee Ignores Resign to Run Rule

A 19th century French journalist penned a still current proverb, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” He could very well have been describing the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

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Early Childhood Literacy Trumps ESA’s in Rural Arizona

As a father, husband, rancher, and conservative rural legislator I know the number one educational issue facing the residents of Arizona’s outlying counties is access to and availability of quality educational options. For those of us in rural Arizona, while multiple choices would be wonderful, our number one priority is access to any sort of option at all. That’s why I support Governor Ducey’s proposal to invest in expanding full day kindergarten for Arizona’s neediest families.

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Today our young men and women are again losing limbs and lives abroad

Our Pinal County Board of Supervisors meetings routinely begin with the pledge of allegiance and an invocation. The pledge reminding us of dedication to “liberty and justice for all.” A faith leader invariably invokes a spiritual power to buttress frail human efforts of governing for the common good.

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Letter to the Editor: Happy New Year Message from County Treasurer Dodie Doolittle

When I started working in the Pinal County Treasurer’s office 25 years ago, I had no idea it would be the beginning of this amazing journey. It’s hard to believe it is time for me to hand over the reins and open a new chapter in my life which will mostly focus on time with my husband, family, friends, church and community. I can’t leave without expressing my appreciation to everyone who had confidence and supported me over the last 12 years while serving as your County Treasurer. I had the opportunity to meet so many people (too many to name) and had the privilege to work with amazing people who made a positive impact to Pinal County in one way or another. I want to acknowledge a few of those who made a significant impact on my career.

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I am writing to commend you on a very fine Fire Department!!

On Wednesday, November 16th, I asked for help. I was going out of my mind, all my smoke alarms were going off, no fire, no smoke. I called and they came right away. They thought they had fixed the problem, so did I.

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Stacy Gramazio has the right stuff for FUSD

In my opinion, Stacy Gramazio is the needed voice that has been missing on the FUSD Governing Board. The Governing Board has been made up of unquestionably bright and well intended citizens, citizens devoted to their community and with proven passion for achieving educational excellence. Some also bring substantial business acumen. These are great folks. So what is the problem, what needs to be done and how?

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Queen Creek - you have lost that rural feeling

We just recently celebrated the 27th year of Queen Creeks existence with the Founder’s day celebration.

The Founders.... I wonder what the founders think of what out town has become. From being founded to preserve the rural lifestyle instead of being gobbled up by the surrounding towns. To preserve. To protect. To keep. To have a certain way of life kept away from the clenches of urban sprawl.

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