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Letter to the Editor: San Tan Valley is more than a zipcode

I'm tired of hearing STV doesn't exist! That we're "imaginary." Facebook posters, many of them from Queen Creek, visit our pages to insult San Tan Valley with statements that we don’t exist.

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Letter to the Editor: No Walkout at Leading Edge Academy

Hello there,

We just want to go on record..

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Letter to the Editor: Stop making teachers the bad guys

I am an Arizona Native, born in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and living my life largely in Phoenix. I graduated from Gilbert Public Schools in 2007, am the son of a teacher since 1996 and while I vowed at the age of 15 to never work in education, a lot of my adult life has been dedicated to just that. I state all this because yes, I do have a bias, but hear me out.

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Letter to the Editor: Pro San Tan Valley Incorporation

I am very much in favor of incorporating San Tan Valley!

I personally do not know why the people of San Tan Valley are being sued, by Queen Creek. It seems ridiculous to me.

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Letter to the Editor: Who appointed Queen Creek the arbiter on incorporation?

The Town of Queen Creek has filed a lawsuit naming the entire Pinal County Board of Supervisors and the Elections Director for Pinal County (and a volunteer for good measure) to challenge the filing of the petitions for incorporation of San Tan Valley.

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Letter to the Editor: Queen Creek Lawsuit

I would like to thank the Township of Queen Creek for suing to stop the San Tan Valley Incorporation effort given all the deficiencies in how the petition process was handled.

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Letter to the Editor: I don’t get involved in politics!

When I was doing some door-to-door canvasing for a candidate running for the Arizona State Senate, I talked to several neighbors that told me, essentially, “I don’t get involved in politics!”

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Letter to the Editor: Johnson Utilities is the only utility you allow us to subscribe to

We do not have the authority to choose.

You have already chosen for us.

Johnson Utilities is the only utility you allow us to subscribe to for water service; that was your decision.

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Letter to the Editor: Will it be business as usual with Johnson Utilities?

Will it be business as usual? Since former Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and I left the Corporation Commission, it has done little to protect Arizona’s consumers. Instead, the Commission more often works on behalf of the utilities it regulates than on the customers they serve.

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Letter to the Editor: The Arizona Physician Shortage - Time for New Ideas

Arizona is in for a big problem. We are experiencing a physician shortage that will only get worse. By 2030 our state will need almost 2,000 more primary providers. Increasing and aging populations, lack of rural providers, lack of medical residency slots, retiring providers and the expensive cost of medical training are all part of the problem. Arizona will need new ideas and practices to fill this gap.

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Letter to the Editor: Vote San Tan Valley

After working so hard to change the law that allows STV to finally vote on incorporation, we need to get the issue to the ballot! State law requires obtaining signatures from a minimum of 10% of the number of registered voters here in STV. That’s a lot of signatures - more than 4,800! We want to exceed that number significantly to cover any signatures that may be challenged.

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Letter to the Editor: Pinal County needs to better staff itself to better serve the public

Over the past twenty years I’ve witnessed Pinal County’s transition, from a rural outpost sandwiched between Maricopa and Pima counties, to a rapidly growing county competing with its neighbors for limited public resources with which to serve Pinal County’s residents.

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Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on Incorporation

There are over 100,000 residents here that live in the diverse area called San Tan Valley. San Tan Valley is the most populous unincorporated area in the United States, and yet for years we were denied the right to vote on our future. After fighting for years, we have now won that right.

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Letter to the Editor: Need for New Roads & Freeways hits home for Goodman & New Granddaughter

For some time now, myself and other supporters of Propositions 416 and 417 have said that new roads and freeways will improve public safety by providing alternate routes for our citizens, and first responders in emergencies. That point became very personal for me this week.

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Letter to the Editor: Does Pinal County know San Tan Valley Exists?

I live in San Tan Valley.

The inner ballot envelope for voting on propositions 416 and 417 shows the name and address of the voter.

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Letter to the Editor: Supervisor Goodman Urges a Yes Vote on Prop 416 & 417

Earlier this year the Arizona Department of Transportation said it had a transportation backlog of “800 years.”

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Letter to the Editor: NO on 416 and 417

Dear Fellow Voters,

Surely by now, you’ve noticed the numerous signs in support of Props 416 and 417 littering our intersections. Once again, we have a local government entity, Pinal County in this case, asking us to support yet another useless tax.

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Letter to the Editor: Propositions 416 and 417 Will Preserve Pinal County’s Way Of Life And Quality Of Life

Yes votes on Propositions 416 and 417 will get us new roads and freeways, and solve our traffic nightmares now and into the future. But these measures also preserve our quality of life. I must politely but strongly disagree with a letter submitted by Mr. Scott Skinner claiming that new roads and freeways will urbanize Pinal County.

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Letter to the Editor: What if a real handicapped person came to WalMart and NEEDED that spot

To the lady in the WalMart parking lot: You parked your Red Mercedes in a handicapped spot, I called you on it. You said you have a sticker but failed to produce it and then you drove around the parking lot to find where I was parked and stopped to tell me "You just jealous". Of what?

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Letter to the Editor: Open Letter to Pinal County BOS Regarding Prop 416/417

Did you know that the largest church in America has no doors, no walls, and no geographical limit? It’s the Church of Infinite Growth, and you are a member of it. You believe that growth is good, that it's inevitable, and that it's your job to facilitate it. You believe the only way to encourage economic activity is to subsidize land developers and big corporations. You hope: “maybe if we build new roads, Amazon will come and build a factory".

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