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93% of American Adults are unhealthy


I so wish this was a typo but unfortunately it's not. Every few years a new study comes out and we are reminded that we are all getting sicker and hea...

A Foolproof Formula for Staying Focused While You Work at Home


Working from home instead of the office means trading in one set of distractions for another. Plus, you need to supervise yourself. How can you stay f...

Memorial Day

I met a woman at the store the other day and we started chatting. During conversation I asked what she had planned this weekend. She told me that every year her family gets together (on Memorial Day) for a BBQ, swimming and talks about her grandmother. I asked if her grandmother was in the military and from the expression on her face you would have thought I asked her if her grandmother was a goat.

San Tan Valley - More Than Just Houses

San Tan Valley - More Than Just Houses

Before 2009, no one had ever heard about San Tan Valley. Why? It didn't exist. The area that became known as San Tan Valley on June 23, 2009, had previously been called almost anything else. Some called it Queen Creek (which it was never a part of, causing its own list of problems), some referred to the area as the name of the housing subdivision they lived in such as Johnson Ranch, San Tan Heights or Pecan Creek. Others called it Pinal County while others simply called it "land way out there".

Rep Kelly Townsend Presents Alternative Facts

Rep Townsend Presents Alternative Facts

Rep Townsend, I am disappointed that you chose to post such a twisted view of not only what our bill is about, but your amendment that IMO simply was set up so that you could blame it for your No vote. No one is asking for your opinion or stance on incorporation, nor is HB2088. HB2088 is NOT about incorporation, nor is it flawed legislation. It has been created to address the current flawed legislation that has blocked communities in Pinal County from having the right to vote on whether or not they want to become a city, while allowing communities in other counties to do so.

Right to Vote

San Tan Valley Right to Vote

What is the Right to Vote all about?

The Right to Vote effort is to address a bad Arizona law known as the 6 mile rule.

Tonight is a Special Night

Tonight is a special night for my family ... it's the first night of Hanukkah and while the holiday may not have all the fanfare of Christmas, it is still a very special time in our household. A time when family is the true focus.

Constable John Acton Convicted of Disorderly Conduct

About two years ago, my husband and I broke the story on, about John Acton lying about his law enforcement career. About a month later we broke a follow up story proving that he also lied and embellished his military career. In spite of the breaking news story, covered by news channels across the state, John Acton was still elected into office as a Pinal County Constable.

When did asking questions become a bad thing?

Stopped in at Walmart, with my kids, a little bit ago to pick up some eye drops, recommended to me by the amazing Dr John Ketcher with Infocus Eyecare because I have a left eye that "cries" all day long lol.


Woke up this morning with a special kind of determination.

Don't Sit Still

I love our sunrises and sunsets.  Always have.  Being lucky enough to have grown up in Arizona, I have been spoiled with breathtaking beginnings and endings to every day.  I always thought that in my perfect world, I would wake up, make some coffee and sit outside - sitting still - so that I could watch the sky light up in front of me.  That is a dream of mine that I have had for as long as I can remember.  Stop and smell the roses, they say.  Relax.  Slow down. Sit still.  A goal to one day try to achieve, or so I thought.

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